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18-11-2006, 23:01   #1
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Post your web resources here

Just thought I'd post a few information resources here. I've dealt mostly with Diabetes and Cancer organsiations and pharma divisions in my work so I thought I'd post some links here (non-pharma and non-promotional)

If you have links for any other long-term illness or anything to add please do. I've tried to order them like so: Ireland, UK, Europe, US


Diabetes Federation of Ireland
Diabetes UK
European Association for the Study of Diabetes
American Diabetes Association


Irish Cancer Society
Cancer Research UK
European Cancer Patient Coalition (Part of CancerWorld)
US National Cancer Institute
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19-11-2006, 19:07   #2
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22-11-2006, 14:56   #3
The Hill Billy
Prick, with a fork
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This public NHS site contains invaluable patient information leaflets (PILs) convering a very broad range of illnesses:

Prodigy - NHS National Library for Health
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22-11-2006, 15:39   #4
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Diabetic Forums Its an Amercian based site so some of the terms, jargon and brand names may be unfamilair.

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03-12-2006, 00:22   #5
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Brainwave - The Irish Epilepsy Association

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

The Irish Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus

The Irish Kidney Association

Asthma Society of Ireland
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13-12-2006, 12:49   #6
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Great Site for anyone on Chemo

explains side effects
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22-12-2006, 20:23   #7
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Modern up-to-date information about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

M.E is classified as a serious neurological condition by the WHO.
Despite this, it still divides the medical community into several camps, with varying opinions on the causes of M.E., how best to treat it, and some who deny its existence.
The odds are stacked firmly against M.E sufferers who can find it hard to be taken seriously by GPs and specialists.
Not only that but there are many cynical and irresponsible entities who claim to have cures for the condition, none of which have been proven to work.
Many in the medical world argue a psychiatric, rather than organic nature to M.E. and encourage excercise and "cognative behavioural therapy" to cure M.E.
In genuine cases of M.E. [as opposed to chronic fatigue which may be caused by numerous factors], forced excertion has often made the condition of the patient worse, causing instant death in some cases.
There are a number of symptoms which are common to M.E patients, and some which are unique to the illness.
The site mentioned above provides information about what M.E really is, and what M.E certainly is not.
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13-01-2007, 14:43   #8
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This is a web site for diabetics wanting to or who are pregnant - it does have some useful articles for diabetics in general also - highly recommended:
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18-02-2007, 14:08   #9
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For Depression :
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13-03-2007, 12:43   #10
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fantastic support group for teenagers and young adults with cancer
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22-03-2007, 00:08   #11
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For Bipolar/Schizophrenia: (Choose the section that interests you)

It's a drug website (i.e. seroquel is prescribed for both bipolar mania and schizophrenia) but beyond the obvious advertising there's a good amount of decent information on coping strategies and advice on what may trigger episodes etc.

For mental illnesses in general:The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Some good pdfs here. Both aimed at sufferers and partners/relatives of people with mental illness.
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02-08-2007, 00:22   #12
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The most important link of all......the newest up and coming blog on t'interweb. The healthcare professionals who use the medicine/biology forum have started a blog. There's only one post so far though, as it's only a few hours old. It might dissolve into nothing as boredom sets in, or it might be an interesting read for those of you interested in medicine.

Have a look and see what you think.
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02-09-2007, 11:53   #13
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For people with dizziness and balance problems

And for support from other sufferers,
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12-10-2007, 15:35   #14
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BBC Medical Notes website

Notes on over 200 different medical conditions.
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21-12-2007, 15:41   #15
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For parents of children with ADD/ADHD and adults with ADHD/ADD
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