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15-12-2003, 16:45   #1
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Forum Charter

1)No muppettry. This includes trolling, rude or abusive behavior or serious attitude problems. Users may be warned, then infracted/banned at the moderators discretion.
There will be no obligation on the mods to issue a warning before action is taken - it is your job to know the rules, it's not the mods job to teach you them.

Common courtesy and a respectful attitude are the entitlements and the requirements of all posters.

2) Stay on topic

3)Respect the opinions of others through a medium of discussion. Debates can get heated, but should always stay within a polite framework respecting the points of views of others. This includes respecting people's qualifications on a certain topic- particularly important on this forum.

4) Any questions about moderators actions should be handled via Private Message, and Not On Thread. Posts about moderator actions on thread are Always Off-topic.

5)Any problems with moderators can also be discussed with the forum cMods - tbh and drindy

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15-12-2003, 16:46   #2
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Originally Posted by Cloud & Bob The Unlucky Octopus 12-09-2001

We've partnered with (who are very nice people who are just starting out).
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15-12-2003, 16:49   #3
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Some Useful Links!

Newscientist Magazine
Scientific American Magazine

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15-12-2003, 16:50   #4
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Originally posted by Capt'n Midnight
If there is a sticky for Science Links then I've a blind spot. (octopuses don't since their light detecting cells aren't blocked by nerves like ours are.)

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27-10-2009, 09:30   #5
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Charter needs a serious update, I'll get to it later...

In the meantime, please remember that this is a scientific board.
During discussions please do not refer to subjective or emotional experience as evidence for your claims. Instead, please provide credible scientific links where possible.
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