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Build Your Own PC Guides

Toms Hardware - How To Build A PC

Building your Machine - with Pictures

HTPC Building - HTPC Forum

Where to learn and Buy?

List of Hardware sites; both reviews and retail

Budget Gaming PC Guide*

A comprehensive guide to every plug and socket you'll ever see inside a machine

Some general info about PSUs

Who made your PSU and learn more about them

eBay Tips And Tricks

B&U Bargain Alerts and related discussion

To discuss Retailers

Retailer Discussion*

To discuss upcoming and current computer hardware

Hardware Discussion*

To discuss overclocking, casemods and other user DIY hardware modifications

Overclocking & Modding Forum

To discuss (or just stare at shiny pics of) everyone's PCs and components

Shiny-new-tech-you-bought pics & discussion

Completed build pics & discussion*


Fluffy's Shopping List Textgrabber (Javascript) - for copying the important bits of a PC shopping list without playing with MSPaint! UPDATED 28/3/12!

Off-Topic Thread V3.0 - dedicated to jebidiah! (V2.0 - closed) (V1.0 - also closed)

* - thread DEstickied as of last edit