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30-01-2018, 14:43   #1
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Greenway Map

Hello all, I've developed a tentative 'Greenway Map' of Ireland, listing all officially completed, planned or under construction, and proposed greenways. In addition it has a selection of 'Potential' greenways, mostly along old railway alignments. Let me know what you think of it.

Greenway Map of Ireland
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30-01-2018, 14:46   #2
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Looks class didnt know I had a green way so close to me!

Thanks for doing the work and sharing it
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30-01-2018, 15:15   #3
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Any idea when you will be able to cycle athlone/dublin 100% on greenways? I heard 2018??
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30-01-2018, 15:24   #4
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As far as I recall there's one proposed / in planning between Drogheda and Mornington not on the map there.

Not sure were the project stands currently.

Would be fantastic if they extended the one to Oldbridge out to Newgrange or even out to Slane and did some work on the stretch between the park in Drogheda and where the path meets the road further on, it's narrow in spots and the surface wasn't great when I walked it a couple of weeks ago, sections were very muddy and covered in decaying reeds after some possible flooding.
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30-01-2018, 15:30   #5
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i believe there's a planning application in for one encirling the lakes at blessington.
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30-01-2018, 15:36   #6
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Is the Ballymahon to Tarmonbarry section in progress or just at a planning stage?
I wouldn't mind taking a spin around Athlone to Mullingar and back to Tarmon. It would be a nice loop and easy enough for people to collect you at the finish.

Huge potential in Ireland for cycling tourism and for bnbs and hostels to cater for people.

Massive amount of people retiring/retired around Europe and beyond and with plenty of cash to spend.
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30-01-2018, 15:42   #7
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Originally Posted by rivermansteve View Post
Any idea when you will be able to cycle athlone/dublin 100% on greenways? I heard 2018??
More likely to be Maynooth to Athlone in 2018 but there may be a shortish section not finalised.
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30-01-2018, 15:50   #8
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Great map. I think there's an existing greenway running alongside the river Shannon from Limerick City out to UL. In the map it's just 'potential' (purple). Maybe it doesn't meet Greenway specifications yet?
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30-01-2018, 15:53   #9
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Great work

The Old Claremorris-Ballinrobe line has been looked at in the past and would require serious financial incentive to those landowners who now have the land.
Sligo -Athenry is shamefully being blocked by Mayo+Galway Co.Cos. as they support the pipe dream Western Rail Corridor. Irish Rail are happy to hand it over.
There is a bridge being replaced to Rail capability following road realignment due to the motorway at a cost that would pay for a full feasibility study .While the old line embankment falls apart all along the route .
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30-01-2018, 16:07   #10
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Originally Posted by Tigerandahalf View Post
Is the Ballymahon to Tarmonbarry section in progress or just at a planning stage?
Update in the Royal Canal thread - 6 weeks til complete
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30-01-2018, 16:13   #11
mr spuckler
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Originally Posted by rivermansteve View Post
Any idea when you will be able to cycle athlone/dublin 100% on greenways? I heard 2018??
the Dublin sections are the problem, everything else should be done this year iirc.

good bit of relevant discussion here
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30-01-2018, 16:36   #12
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thanks for that.

I didn't know about the "dodder greenway" which is quite close to me. I often cycle through the dodder riverbank park - which is basically finished rather than proposed btw, but does not extend past old bawn road. Handy way to cross teh m50.

Shared with pedestrians & dog walkers and there are 2 gates you need to lift bike through.

Is the dodder greenway suitable for road bikes or is it MTB? I must have a look at it. Is it steep? Tarmac?
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30-01-2018, 20:08   #13
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Originally Posted by rivermansteve View Post
Any idea when you will be able to cycle athlone/dublin 100% on greenways? I heard 2018??
You can already do it off-road. Some sections of the Royal Canal are not 'greenway' yet but they're navigable by bike anyway.
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31-01-2018, 00:06   #14
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Amazing work - thanks a mil for doing this!
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31-01-2018, 00:18   #15
James 007
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I know you had it on a joined thread before as below, but yes its a good idea to keep it separate. I just wish there could be quicker progress on these greenways. The country is a perfect size for it, and such a great landscape. Perhaps it would be good to identify each green way with sites to see, a bit like a luas start/destination with the intermediate stops with the sites to see.
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