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31-05-2012, 12:15   #1
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Don't know if there is a thread already on this store, If so apologies and feel free to close.

This store is based in Omni park shopping center, also think there is one in blanchardstown shopping center.

EVERYTHING in the store is €1.49.
From toothpaste,deodorant,cleaning products, garden, food (bars/biscuits and sweets, tea bags,coffee etc) small electrical, Cd's,DVDs, dog food, cat food.
They have a bit of everything.

None of this "reduce to clear" because food is about to expire , it's well known products and brands at a good price

Just taught I'd let all you bargain hunters know about it. Would recommend anyone in the area to check it out
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31-05-2012, 12:21   #2
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They have a shop in Athlone also - seems to be a British chain as some of thier stuff is geared towards the UK market - British Passport covers etc

I buy my sweets for the cinema there
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31-05-2012, 12:23   #3
Atlantic Dawn
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Yes its around a while, good few locations around the country. Their parent company is Poundland in the UK. Some great offers alright.
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31-05-2012, 12:29   #4
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You're very late op
Poundland to open in Ireland Aug 2011
Dealz Sept 2011
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31-05-2012, 16:58   #5
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Although beware lots of times I find the same stuff in Dunnes (admittedly on offer) for under €1.50.
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31-05-2012, 17:02   #6
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Get bits and bobs in the Newbridge store all the time, some great bargains in there indeed

Plus its the only place I've found does cinema bags of sweet popcorn, score!
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31-05-2012, 17:47   #7
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I think a lot of there stuff is grey imports, i.e. intended for a different market. Manufacturers like coke could have very different wholesale prices in different countries, this is why you get arabic writing on cans of coke in some chippers etc, they do not go through the official Irish distributor.

So some known brands might taste a little different than Irish market ones. So if you plan on really stocking up you might want to buy small amounts, go out to your car, taste a bar or can and go back in once you are sure it is OK.
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31-05-2012, 17:53   #8
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best shop ever. I went in the other day and they were selling wallpaper. For 1.49 a roll.

They've a deadly cosmetics selection too.
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31-05-2012, 18:22   #9
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Easily the best store of this sort. Obviously you get what you pay for with some products but there are huge savings in some areas. Check out the books section, very odd selection but the odd gem pops up.

Best deal so far was the armstrong and miller book I got in Poundland (same shop different name) in Derry last October. The person I got it for was a big fan of the show. Went to Easons on the way back to the car,

Eason price £10.99
Poundland £1.00
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31-05-2012, 18:53   #10
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Ive banned myself from going in, its impossible not to come out without buying half a dozen things. Some products can be found cheaper in other supermarkets so not everything is a bargain, but i love it. Im such a nerd but i spend half my day looking for or misplacing pens. They have extendable clip on pens 2 for €1.49,, invention ever
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31-05-2012, 21:46   #11
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They do really good basic homeware stuff too
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31-05-2012, 21:50   #12
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Good gardening bits and bobs in it.

Items like bulbs and seeds,plant pots,water spray bottles,training wire,plant id tags and so on.
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31-05-2012, 21:52   #13
Jesus Shaves
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4 cans of cheery coke for €1.49, yum yum
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31-05-2012, 22:02   #14
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Where in Blanchardstown is Dealz, I haven't seen it yet I'm there frequently!
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31-05-2012, 22:25   #15
Atlantic Dawn
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Originally Posted by kelle View Post
Where in Blanchardstown is Dealz, I haven't seen it yet I'm there frequently!
It's over where Halfords and Lidl are. Not sure of the name of the area with the shops but it's where the KFC is in the carpark.
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