Ah now yellum.... You arent being scientific about that!

You forgot your control group!

Put up ANY board and theres ALWAYS a load of nay-sayers. They take a position on it, make up some reasonable-logical arguments and then everyone plays the "lets see how nit-picky we can be!" game. Often they dont even really believe their positions, but they want to see if they can argue them! Honestly...

The GLB argument was good, it focused the reason for this board being here and all but it was no more vociferous then most others I've seen...

I'm sure there are people who would gladly want to see this board deleted or never set up. However I think you are being a bit defensive, I really havent seen anyone seriously giving it socks to stop this board.

Anyway, as I say, theres only one "um" in this world.

Spoiler: fuk um!