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Tom Mann Centuria
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Originally Posted by TheValeyard View Post

More forums the better, more choice.
Completely against the powers that be ethos of recent years of closing forums and streamlining boards.
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Originally Posted by bubblypop View Post
If people are not interested in this particular forum or sub forum, why vote against it?
If I'm interested I would show my interest, but if I'm not, then I would just not comment.
If someone wanted to start a forum on people who wear cartoon character costumes, I wouldn't have any interest, but I wouldn't actively be against it.

Seems strange to actively vote against it. Maybe I'm missing something?
If only positive voting is allowed then how do you decide if the forum is warranted or not?
I'm sure I could get positive votes for any idea that the majority of other posters would be against.
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Have kids myself, but also have friends with no interest in having kids and I can see their eyes glaze over when the few of us that do start chatting about ours.

I've no idea if a forum would be viable in the long term but no harm in letting them have a chance to make it work, imo.
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Not a forum for me but can see the arguments for it
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Originally Posted by eviltwin View Post
That’s because having a child has a far greater impact on your life than not having a child.

Is this the reason for the forum, the parents have one so we want one too?

As I said I am in favour of any new forum but only if it adds to the overall site.
Why would a new forum detract from the overall site - and how do you know the impact on anyone's life of having or not having children? A place to discuss that and other issues would be interesting. Some forums move very slowly here but it doesn't detract from boards to have the choice, ironically of a forum for a community of people with a commonality.

And No I wouldn't think the reason is because the Parents have one, so we want one too, that's ironically childish - I was making the point that lots of different fora on here only ascribe to their community - let's face it you can barrel on in to the Religion forum with atheist views if so be your want - that doesn't mean it will be welcomed.
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30-12-2020, 11:01   #81 Mark Employee Mark's Avatar
Mod Note: Please note that to vote you need at least 50 posts and to have been on the site for 3 months.

As per the charter, while some discussion is allowed, it should be restricted to the forum or aspects of the forum. If you would like to provide feedback about the process of requesting a forum on the whole (including the voting process), please open a thread in Help Desk or Feedback. This helps keep the thread tidy and makes it easier to tally votes.

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I spent some time working in the Middle East. I don't know if it is true of all M Eastern countries (predominantly Islamic) that young men are obliged to get married, procreate, but I believe it is so. Not doing so will mark you as the odd man out. Short of a serious mental illness, you take a wife, have kids. And thats that.

I like that in the West, there is not so much pressure on - at least not to the extent you would be under in M Eastern countries.

I am single and childless by default. It just never happened.
I think a lot comes down to one's mindset and upbringing. I was immature as a youth and I don't know how much I have matured in the intervening years but not sufficiently to be in charge of a brood, i feel.

I look at people with kids and part of me envies the laughter, sharing and joy. I know its not all sunshine in there but you manage to forget yourself in the business of living through / for your kids. You watch them grow and, hopefully, you will still enjoy their company in old age. In an ideal world

In retrospect, i thank the woman who declined my offer of marriage way back when. That there is True Love. To set one free from the workload that is marriage and a lifetime of being 'on call'. I did not pursue the idea of settling down after this

So, whats left ? .. a wealth of freedom to develop your self and relationships that don't necessarily have a sexual context.

Certainly, Childfree by choice should be discussed and promoted as a viable option to having kids. A lot of people have kids because 'its the done thing' or become pressurised into it. A forum where people can discuss such misgivings - if they have any - can only be a positive move

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.. of course ..
You can be outbred .. some communities have 6-7-8 9 what, Never ! kids .. Step up to the plate .. Become a Dad. Safety in number et al

But thats for a whole other thread i guess .. sorry

Anyway great idea for a thread .. thank you for letting me ramble
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+1 from me.
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06-01-2021, 22:31   #89
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Gives a few folk a chance to rant about those of us with kids.....and then it gets ghosted....and then deleted.

I genuinely don't think it would last. But cynicism aside, whatever floats yer boat. I personally don't care if someone decides they don't kids. Some people with kids shouldn't be allowed keep a plastic plant, but that's another debate.
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circular flexing
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