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Chicken feet!!!!
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Entered, havent eaten in 66 for years
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I regularly visit friends in the US, we stay at their house & bring them out to a restaurant of their choosing as a treat on us (only fair), we normally budget around $600 for this meal, between the restaurant, cabs, drinks, the whole night is on us, cheap accommodation for us & their chance to try somewhere they might not otherwise due to cost.

On one occasion, we visited a restaurant that one of their friends over there had just become manager of, it was a nice place, with regular surf & turf type cuisine & 100 beers on tap.

We got a cab & arrived about 90 minutes earlier than our reservation so we could have a drink or two before hand, opened a tab & ordered a round of drinks. In the middle of the second round, the manager comes over & gives out to our friend for not telling him that he was coming down, we do the introductions & he tells us to have a great night & just ask for him if we need anything. We have another round & get called for our table.

Be have a great meal, drinks flowing, fantastic food & really attentive service - not intruding just at the right level. We say we're going to have another round at the bad while we wait on a cab & call for the bill to close off.

The waitress comes over with the bill in a leather folder & says, "Listen guys, Matt is after comping your table so there's nothing to settle", we're totally taken aback at this & argue, that no, we should pay, so we have Matt called over & he's insistent. "Any friend of ***** is a friend of mine, hope you had a great night". He heads off.

We look to our friends for guidance & he says "leave a nice tip"

So we look at each other & kind of telepathically agree - $500. We were going to pay for the meal anyway & we'd budgeted it out. So we put the money in the folder & call her over. Hand over the folder & thank her & head to the bar.

A couple of minutes later we hear a scream & she comes running over "Oh my god... you guys... you cannot be serious..." We just shrug & explain & she's so happy. She explained that her car broke down earlier & she was really stressed about it.

We head off, extremely happy.

The following day, Matt called our friend & thanked him. He looked great in front of his staff, our friend looked great in front of his friend & we looked great in front of our friends.

Most satisfying meal We've ever had.
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Mr E
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I'm not a very adventurous eater, but I've definitely broadened my horizons in the last few years.
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Yes please
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I ate a hang sangwich on the canal once
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