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Very first time trying a spice bag, got one from an establishment in Dublin, just off Henry Street. Had food there a few times, student discounts etc, and it was always fine.

Had a fine ole time of it walking back to my AirB&B scoffing the spice bag. Until later. When the food poisioning hit. What followed afterwards was days of misery, with explosive diarrhoea. I'd say the poor asian family I was staying with were wondering what in the hell they had taken in for the week. There was 1 tiny bathroom to share amongst us all. I was in there for most the week, when I wasn't sweating and shivering in the bed that is!
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21-02-2020, 12:34   #34
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id like to enter,

this would make a great prize for my terminally ill mother
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21-02-2020, 12:36   #35
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Great prize, please consider me!
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21-02-2020, 12:37   #36
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Cant say I have been super adventurous with food in fairness, I think one of the best inventions, even though it may seem a little crude to some, was a chip pizza I had in Liverpool, chips was a topping, perfect hangover food! nyom!
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21-02-2020, 12:39   #37
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I once ate one of those Horsemeat lasagnes from Findus.

Gave me the trots.

Also once had Dragons Blood* at a medieval night.

*Twas tomato soup.

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21-02-2020, 12:53   #38
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My most adventurous meal was a squid ink pasta with fresh fish. It looked scary when it arrived (not used to black sauce and pasta!) but it it was delicious!
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21-02-2020, 13:00   #39
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Rock oysters grilled over coals on the beach in Boracay Island in the Philippines

Tasty: yes
Risky: yes

Unfortunately, a risk that didn't pay off, spent the evening regretting it (I'll spare you the gory details)
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21-02-2020, 13:09   #40
Badly Drunk Boy
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Originally Posted by Yester View Post
I wonder if I could eat €100 worth of food in one sitting.
At their prices, you probably could! (Only joking!)

I've always been a fussy eater, not eating regular stuff like eggs, pasta, mushrooms, cheese, peas, etc. so when (over 20 years ago) I visited my sister in the UAE in a city called Al Ain, she and my other sister who came with me were amazed to see me selecting the Kolhapuri Chicken, the hottest thing on the menu of an Indian restaurant we went to. The decor of the restaurant was like a cheap caff, but the meal was absolutely delicious, as was the look on the faces of my sisters as I ate every bit of the gorgeous food.

So yeah, 'Super Restaurant' really lived up to its name!
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21-02-2020, 13:10   #41
nine fine irishmen
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21-02-2020, 13:12   #42
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Count me in please!
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21-02-2020, 13:45   #43
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Fantastic prize
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21-02-2020, 13:47   #44
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I'm in
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21-02-2020, 14:01   #45
cj maxx
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My most daring meal was at a nudist resort in Spain with a very attractive lady . actually she was no lady !

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