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18-02-2020, 16:49   #61
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Was on Liffey boat trip-it was really foggy and lashing rain-we saw nothing
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Originally Posted by seagull View Post
We emigrated from England to South Africa, and travelled on the mail ship. Great time on board, especially crossing the equator.
did you flush the toilet right on the equator
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18-02-2020, 20:42   #64
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A pedalo in Lanzarote in about 1998!
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Do I take it that some people aren't taking this thread too seriously?
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19-02-2020, 07:26   #66
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I remember being on a blow up dingy and getting caught in a bay where the tide came in. Fun times trying to get back
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19-02-2020, 07:36   #67
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A Cypriot boat - the guy collected us in a van where the door had to be held closed by a rope held by an unsuspecting tourist. It didn’t hold much promise for the boat itself which came to pass. We spent a nervous four hours on it and another four in the pub dealing with shock ! Stupid to have ever gone on it even though luckily nothing serious happened. Huddled in the centre ducking down so we weren’t blown overboard was probably the most frightening part.
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19-02-2020, 09:02   #68
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Going from Hamburg - Copenhagen a few years back, overnight train which I hadn't researched at all. Woke up in the middle of the night to find I was on a boat. Turns out the train drives onto a ferry for a bit of the trip.
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19-02-2020, 11:34   #69
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19-02-2020, 11:48   #70
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19-02-2020, 13:32   #71
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On a tiny motorboat with 8 other people in Cyprus which took us to shallow water where we could stand in warm clear water.
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19-02-2020, 15:24   #72
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Whale watching in Monterrey California - saw lots of huge whales close up but ride out was like something from Trawlermen - had purchased the recommended sickness tablets and no sickness at all so all round an amazing trip - what a thrill ride...
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19-02-2020, 15:53   #73
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On the Jeanie Johnston in Tralee
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19-02-2020, 20:27   #74
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When I got to tour the Jeanie Johnston with my primary school in Tralee while it was being built. Would be great to get aboard the finished article!
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19-02-2020, 22:32   #75
Urethra Franklin.
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I went to Teneriefe with my friends when we finished our final year exams. It was the first trip any of us had had that was a holiday with friends. It was amazing, just hanging out with my friends, in the sun, doing all sorts of new things. Best time of my life.
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