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14-02-2020, 11:05   #1 Mark Employee Mark's Avatar
CLOSED - Win Double Passes to Visit The Jeanie Johnston

The Jeanie Johnston are kindly giving us 5 double passes to go visit this famine ship which is permanently berthed on Custom House Quay, Dublin 1 (a few minutes walk from Connolly Luas and Train Stations and from Busáras).

The Jeanie Johnston tells the story of the thousands of Irish people who fled the Famine and embarked on a treacherous voyage in the hope of a better life in North America. Step on board and you will be transported back in time to join them on their gruelling journey.

“They endured overcrowding, seasickness, disease, filth, starvation and storms…And they were the lucky ones”

While none of us will ever have experienced anything remotely like those poor souls on the Jeanie Johnston famine ship and the many other famine ships, we may have had a rocky boat trip or two.

ENTER: Tell us about the most memorable boat trip you've been on. Please keep it as 'clean' as possible, we don't all have the stomach for the gory details!(If you don't have a story, you can still just post below to enter)

Terms and Conditions:
  • Competition will run for one week, the winner will be chosen for this prize on 21st February 2020 and be notified by a post in this thread and by PM.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly.
  • Competition is open to all users, mods, c mods, admins.
  • One entry per user.
  • If winners do not respond within a reasonable time frame, another winner will be chosen.
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Took a boat to the Aran Islands from Doolin with my now wife. Choppy was an understatement, soaked and very sick when we arrived. I wasn't in the good books for quite some time after that.
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14-02-2020, 11:50   #3
Hotblack Desiato
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Many years ago we were on holiday in Salthill, parents decided to take us on a day trip to Inis Mor. They checked out how much the plane cost, and quickly decided on the boat
This was Naomh Eanna, an old (even then) tub owned by CIE. I was told it would take an hour, and to 8 year old me that seemed like forever. I don't know if there was some screw up with the tides or what, but it took four hours...

I seem to recall hearing that it sank sometime in the 80s and was raised!
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Did a detachment with the Irish Navy in the 90's and had to spend a couple of days on board their Flag ship the LE Eithne. Weather was a bit rough and with my first meal I was handed a slice of bread which because of the rolling seas I was meant to put my plate on to stop it sliding around the table. All I can say is fair play to those who served or still serve in our Navy, a couple of days was long enough for me, can't imagine spending weeks away at sea.
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14-02-2020, 11:59   #5
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Went to a wedding 3 years ago, church in city centre and reception out in Howth in the yacht club. B&G had arranged for a ferry from the quays out to the venue. The weather turned while out in Dublin bay and things got a little rough.

When we all disembarked it looked like a scene from the Thriller video. Hair and makeup all over the place, more than a few fascinators had gone overboard, one or two dresses ruined and one lad had to go home and change his suit.

Was pretty harrowing at the time, but it was gas craic when everyone mentioned it at the speeches.
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I went for a cruise down the Shannon around the year 2000, it was very memorable. they were the good times.
Oh how I wish for more times like those.
Oh yes, slipped down the steps and tore my back open.
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14-02-2020, 14:04   #7
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The most memorable boat trip was one I did in Croatia in 2010 which took us to a few cool locations around Hvar and the surrounding islands. This included a cave that glows blue at a certain time of day, onward to another cave where I was able to jump off the top deck of the boat and swim into the cave. The weather was amazing and the water was crystal clear for swimming in. They gave us a good feed on the boat trip too, which was also the first time I tried a Tuna steak, that then opened up my taste buds to eating more fish in my diet from then on.

So overall it was quite the experience.
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14-02-2020, 14:07   #8
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A stag party to Cape Clear. Different from a busy city but a fabulous weekend.
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A number of years ago we had 'the baaaad snow' in Dublin. Everything was closed and people were wandering around with bored kids if they ventured out.
A friend had a suggestion of something to do! He was acting in a panto that was on that red boat on the Liffey! It is the same one I believe that Discovered Dublin boat tours use.
Temple Bar trust put it on and was free. They did a few a day and the one we were on was packed. We went down the Liffey as the fantastic actors did a play (all about baddies from another dimension and a main character called Anna Livia) it was fantastic. Looking out at Dublin from a different angle and being transported in more ways than one!
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JP Liz V1
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I dreamt I was on Titanic and saved Jack
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14-02-2020, 21:02   #11
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Whitsundays in Australia on a catamaran, pretty epic but closer to home was the viking tour or liffey cruise in Dublin last summer with my 5yr old daughter, v enjoyable thanks to her
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I went on the JFK warship when it was docket off Dublin. it was great but the more memorable part was the tourist boat bringing us across were all the staff had Welsh accents! Boats coming from as far as Wales to get everybody out to sea for the big ship!
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16-02-2020, 21:17   #13
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Many years ago, in a different life I was into base metals - scrap - and the wreck of the "Samson" crane ship at Ardmore, Co.Waterford in 1987 was of interest.

The "Samson" was firmly wedged on the rocks and was virtually impossible to reach from the land - the answer was to approach from the sea. We set out from Dungarvan with a small boat + outboard on the back of a lorrry and made our way to Youghal where we launched the boat over the quayside with the truck mounted HIAB crane. The outward trip to Ardmore was uneventful if futile and there was no pot of gold to be had and recovery of anything impossible.

However, the return to Youghal was a different matter as the weather turned nasty and the tide was also against our tiny craft. A heavy mist came down and we could no longer see the coast and we began to take in water over the sides. We bailed with a will but worse was to come as the engine died and we drifted with the tide. The boat owner, whose name I will not mention, started to strip down the engine and told us to keep on bailing: all it took was for him to lose a screw, nut or whatever and we would have joined the Samson on the rocks.

My erstwhile friend asked me why didn't I panic but what would have been the point? Instead, I could see the newspaper headlines in my head - the third time in my life that this has happened to me. Long story short, he managed to fix the engine and we arrived back at Youghal - now in sunshine - only to run out of petrol in sight of the quayside and had to row in the final couple of hundred yards to the amusement of some onlookers. Unsurprisingly this was my last time in a small craft!

I don't wish to visit the "Jeanie Johnston" and if I win feel free to give my tickets to somebody else.
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I’ve been on many boats - yachts, motor cruisers on the Shannon, car ferries on the sea, and river boats and had some rather harrowing trips on stormy waters (believe me, crossing Lough Ree or Lough Derg in a gale force 7 is a very memorable experience)...

...but the one boat trip that stands out from all the rest was on an ultra modern river boat on the Danube on a short trip from Vienna to Bratislava in the May of 2007.

We all embarked on the boat on the quay on the Danube Canal in the Innenstadt of Vienna on a lovely sunny day. Most of the passengers, myself included, got up onto the upper outdoor deck to enjoy the good weather.

About 15 minutes into the voyage, just as the boat came out onto the main part of the Danube, we passed a much smaller boat of college age young women partying with loud dance music blasting out from speakers. Several of the women flashed their ample breasts at our boat and suddenly the boat swerved right into the river bank and crashed. A few of us were thrown across the deck.

We were pretty shocked and speechless at our boat crashing. I can only guess the driver/skipper got a little distracted at the antics of those young ladies.

We were told to put on lifejackets - a tad pointless as over a third of our boat was actually up on dry land - and had to wait for rescue services to arrive. A few elderly passengers were taken away in ambulances and we were taken back to where the boat departed. It was on the TV news that evening.

Quite the experience!

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Hotblack Desiato
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Originally Posted by PerryB78 View Post
Whitsundays in Australia on a catamaran
Did that when we were on honeymoon, I was hungover to f**k and spent most of it in a foetal position trying not to vomit just as I was feeling OK again we were sailing back into port! There was unlimited cold beer included in the ticket but I didn't touch a drop - most unlike me that's for sure - maybe a hair of the dog would have sorted me out!
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