regarding the topic at hand, i think a better approach would be an analysis of *why* junctions are dangerous, rather than which ones are.
one of the issues with collecting information/data/anecdotes from cyclists is that they may not have much to say about dangerous junctions other than 'i avoid this list of junctions due to a perception of danger'.

one for me which is reasonably difficult to avoid on my commute (without using the N11, so you have the issue above) is where booterstown avenue meets the rock road. apart from the near misses i've had there myself, i've passed at least three RTCs (all in the evening, but that's probably a function of the particular hours i pass through) being attended to by emergency services - and that's three out of the four in total i've witnessed/had to pass through the aftermath, on my commute over the last few years.

i've said to my wife, if i ever fail to return home after work, look for me on that junction.