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06-02-2021, 09:13   #151
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Originally Posted by d'Oracle View Post
How likely are the try squares in Lidl this week to actually be square?

Anybody bought similar before?
Whats the application?
road works, first fix, second fix, fine joinery, marquetry?

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06-02-2021, 09:39   #152
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Lidl/Aldi are fine for budget priced tools, and as such are not meant to match the
fine tolerences required in a square.

If you want a good accurate square, then buy a proper branded tool known
for producing accurate tools.

Otherwise you end up with a paperweight. Dont expect budget priced tools to perform the same
as brands known for their build quality.

As Calahonda pointed out, your accuracy requirements depend on how fine your work needs to be.
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07-02-2021, 20:41   #153
jack of all
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I know someone that had a couple of those squares from Lidl/ Aldi- they were fine when tested against a known square, but wouldn't be the first choice for super accurate work. Personally I wouldn't buy a budget square, I'd rather spend a decent amount on something that will last a lifetime (and more) if not abused. A decent alloy roofing square is not expensive is great for rough carpentry and will stand up to some abuse. I have a 20 year old Rabone Chesterman combination square that's my go to square for general work.
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08-03-2021, 20:57   #154
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Originally Posted by Calahonda52 View Post
Whats the application?
road works, first fix, second fix, fine joinery, marquetry?
Joinery..... I'd hesitate to use the word fine for a few years yet.

Apologies I haven't been logged in here for a bit.
Thanks for the advice all. I gave them a miss.
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08-03-2021, 21:11   #155
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Ye didn't miss much. I got them just cause they were there. No intention of using them to square stuff up. They may very well be square. But the ruler part on all of them are extremely flimsy. I only use them as a straight edge when cutting stuff with a utility knife. Pretty handy on curved surfaces as you can bend it pretty easily.
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