Choosing which diamond cut to go for can sometime be overwhelming!
All diamond cuts have their own unique qualities that make them it hard to narrow down which one to go for!
There are also so many options when it comes to diamonds nowadays-from classic round, to marquise, oval, princess, heart-shaped, etc. and although we love them all, the pear cut diamond is one we are especially loving right now is the pear-cut!
One of the best qualities of this cut is that it is so wearable- it looks good in all settings- solitaire, halo, multi-stone and side-stone.

The pear cut is a combination of a marquise and round cut diamond and is usually worn with the pointed end pointing down. Symmetry plays an important role in choosing your diamond which is why we recommend going for either Excellent or Very Good symmetry.
The diamond's ratio also matters as too narrow or too broad a pear can look poor. Narrow pears look delicate and elegant as earrings but not so much when incorporated into an engagement ring.

When picking your pear cut ring, try to ensure that the diamond is held by 3 prongs. The prong at the tapered end of the diamond is the most important as that is liable to damage- either catching in clothes or the diamond itself being damaged. Furthermore, this end of the diamond is the most likely to feature slight inclusions so the third prong definitely serves many functions.

We have many pear cuts to view in our Kildare Street showroom, as well as having some online- See here-

We can also create a pear cut diamond engagement ring as a bespoke piece using a setting of your choosing from our wide range of rings- see here-

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