We hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas and a 2017 to remember! Before we press on into 2018, we thought we'd look back at some of the major threads and posts of the year. A reeling in the year, you might say (although not as finely edited or musically linked as a programme of the same nature might be!)

It's been a year of learning for many Boardsies. The "I bet you didn't know that" thread in After Hours was started in January and it's been interesting to dip in and out of ever since. Meanwhile, over in Bargain Alerts, AccessAW has been posting free Udemy courses for people to take on a daily basis.

One of the all-time great live TV moments happened in March

Two major events this year were Storm Ophelia and the recent Snow/Ice Warnings and Conditions. Boardsies were front and centre, sharing knowledge, pictures, and experiences, making for fascinating reading.

Storm Ophelia
Model / Technical Discussion
General Discussion & Local Reports

Snow and Ice Warning Discussion

The first post about Bitcoin this year asked if the price could really hit $1,500-$3,000. It's done that...and then some! And it's been quite the rollercoaster ever since!

This year, aidankkk charted the highs and lows of betting on horse racing in the "100 Bets to Broke Festival Fever" thread and it was an intriguing project to follow.

Those awaiting the M17/M18 Gort to Tuam motorway were glued to m17's diary showcasing the project in development. They cycled 8,000km and took 6,000 pictures during this diary, which wrapped up this year.

Some Boardsies have done great physical feats over the year!
Enduro became the fastest person to cross Ireland on foot, running the length of the country in 75 hours!

Alek Everested Ticknock in July. That means 34 repeats without sleep, clocking up just under 200km and a tad over 8900m elevation. Read his training diary and recap here.

RobCyclist travelled from London to Cork by bicycle and filmed the journey.

One of our users climbed to Everest Base Camp...and even did an AMA en route!

Some cycling enthusiasts rode 200km as part of Evil 2017.

Meanwhile, the Athletics forum tasked its members with running 1000 miles (but not to be the man who walks a thousand miles to fall down at your door)

Others put different talents to good use!
fergal.b finished his cruiser restoration, making it wheelchair accessible at the same time.

Das Kitty has reason to celebrate this year after a short story of hers was published and had art commissioned for it: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...hp?p=102578873. In other literary accomplishments, DangerMouse27 published a free book

colm_mcm and his friend converted a SWB low roof Ford Transit to a campervan.

Finally, massive congratulations to the Boards Golf Society for retaining the Ryder Jug (https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...post105113939) and to the Boards Football Team for their success in the cup!

Community spirit
A Boardsie had their house broken into this year, but their fellow Guardians in the Destiny forum pooled together and helped them buy a replacement PS4 and other bits and pieces.

One lurker made a big impact with their first post on Boards, helping to reunite a user with their bike after an accident: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...50&postcount=7

One user helped another get sorted for Christmas over in Bargain Alerts

Over in Puzzles & Quizzes, community members post competitions daily (despite it lowering the odds of them winning). We've had quite a few wins over the past year! Perhaps 2018 could be your lucky year.

When a user had their car stolen, community members didn't think twice before offering help. The money raised helped the OP replace their car.

Of course, the greatest example of what the Boards community can do is summed up in the Santa Strike Force, which again has raised a good chunk of change to help better the lives of sick children. *cough* There's still time to donate *cough*. And posts like this show what it means to charities!

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It's been a fascinating year for AMAs. Here are some of the most popular threads from the last year with a diverse range of AMA subjects.
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Major Events & Talking Points:
Every year is packed full of moments and events to discuss and 2017 is no different. We've seen major political upheaval, catastrophic events, deaths of notable celebrities, feats of exploration, and more. And naturally, there have been pages upon pages of discussion on Boards.
Trump's Inauguration and Presidency: [Politics] President 'The Donald' Trump and Surprising Consequences
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[Politics] Brexit Referendum Superthread
[Politics] Brexit discussion thread II

[Aviation & Aircraft] Rescue 116 Crash at Blackrock, Co Mayo

[After Hours] Former Deputy First Minister of NI Martin McGuinness passes away

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[Astronomy & Space] Space X launched its first reusable first stage

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[After Hours] Cyber attack on the NHS

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[After Hours] Grenfell Tower - London Fire and Aftermath

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[Rugby] Women's Rugby World Cup hosted in Ireland

[Politics] Right-wing vs Left-wing clashes

[After Hours] ISIS Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

[Weather] Hurricane Harvey

[Boxing] McGregor vs Mayweather
[MMA] McGregor vs Mayweather Event Thread

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[GAA] All Ireland SHC Final
[GAA] All Ireland SFC Final

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