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19-11-2019, 17:18   #46
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Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 12,340
Assholes are not pretending to be assholes. Being an asshole is not more genuine or cool. Its called narcissism.
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19-11-2019, 17:20   #47
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Originally Posted by eviltwin View Post
Don't listen to anyone who tells you can't do something

That someone is myself.

People don't see really genuine people until its too late.
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19-11-2019, 17:24   #48
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That you never ever know what's around the corner in life, so be prepared mentally for anything.
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19-11-2019, 17:25   #49
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  • Electricity makes your wrist feel funny.
  • If you're on a bike, you've got to slow down for corners with chippings.
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19-11-2019, 18:21   #50
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Never get too close to someone who is an authority figure over you. Never trust them.
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19-11-2019, 18:31   #51
Sir Osis of Liver.
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Never trust a Guinness fart.

Many's the good man got caught out.
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19-11-2019, 18:39   #52
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Probably the most important albeit cliched lesson I've learned, in both my professional and personal life, is this: Trust. Your. Gut. Always.
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19-11-2019, 18:58   #53
Leg End Reject
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Posts: 6,088
Don't give anyone a second chance to break your trust.

Ignore the begrudgers unless it's to further antagonise them.

Leave the past in the past, you can't change it.
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19-11-2019, 19:11   #54
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monkeysnapper's Avatar
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Posts: 2,317
I'm probably going to get myslef into trouble here but let's go regardless.

The shop I used to work at used to have a lane around back where we all parked our cars... some days the
neighbor's terrier would come yapping behind me as I walked up lane to car and I just ignored it ....anyway one day the bolloxs bite me on ankle.

At least I learned my lesson anyway , it didnt do it again after i drove my size 9.5 up its hole with my big work boots.

And before the pet forum give out at me I could have had the mut put down.
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19-11-2019, 19:22   #55
Join Date: Oct 2019
Posts: 1,509
When the petrol light on a small car flashes it means get petrol NOW, not get petrol after you just pop up the main road through a busy town and get that other thing you came in to buy first....
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19-11-2019, 19:29   #56
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Posts: 2,004
Did disastrous paint job on my model kit. Paint strokes clearly visible. Revell paint btw

Bought Revell "Paint Remover"

Applied it but its effect is meh.

Lesson: Do proper paint job next time
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19-11-2019, 19:32   #57
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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
Never stay too long in a job you don't like and when a women says we need to talk it means drop everything and talk and not we'll have a chat in a few days

Normally means your in a world of sh..t.
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19-11-2019, 20:12   #58
Quantum Erasure
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you can't beat city hall
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19-11-2019, 20:34   #59
Church on Tuesday
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You never really know what the other person is thinking.
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19-11-2019, 22:35   #60
It BeeMee
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Never play pool for money against the son of a publican
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