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23-10-2019, 23:20   #76
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Out of morbid curiousity I finally watched the video this poster keeps mentioning. Only 3 or so minutes long

Straight off the bat, it's chopped up and edited, "spooky" music added, selective quotes, all the usual conspiracy claptrap

Secondly, the guy who is talking (despite the editing) makes sense. And adds straightforward disclaimers about everything.

It requires an extremely high level of paranoia and a extremely low level of critical thinking to go from this talk to mega global gargantuan conspiracy theory.

The source of the video is also a full-on loon who appears to think that every weather event is somehow "engineered" in some nefarious conspiracy

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23-10-2019, 23:23   #77
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Originally Posted by The Wild Goose View Post
Did you note that the word chemtrails is enclosed with apostrophes?
Did you read the relevant part of the post where I address that issue?

Do you think it's advisable to dump 10 million tons of aluminium into the atmosphere?
What's the issue here.
Are you saying that there is an intentional effort by folks unknown to us to dump 10 millions tons of alluminium into the atmosphere on a daily basis, of just that day you saw the trails?
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24-10-2019, 10:18   #78
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I posted a video of a presentation 10 years ago where a Harvard scientist and member of the establishment proposes pumping 10 million tons of aluminium into the atmosphere, using airlines as the delivery method.
10 Million Tons of aluminium!
From the start of that video, the small piece of paper shows that this process was under discussion for dealing with the ozone layer, if this was the case, why would they spread it at such low latitudes as Ireland.

10 millions tons of alluminium into the atmosphere on a daily basis
thats an awe full lot of excessive baggage
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24-10-2019, 13:38   #79
Cheerful Spring2
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Why is it nobody spotted any plane leaking the chemicals yet?
I have a hard time believing commercial airliner firms are working secretly with a group to poison people?
The conspiracy is the chemicals are giving people cancer and its attempt to reduce the population of the earth?
It more believable to me scientists are thinking up new ways to stop climate change and this may involve spraying chemicals in the air, but i have not seen any proof this plan is in operation yet in any way. 
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24-10-2019, 14:24   #80
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When you burn 1L of kerosene, you get more than IL of water, due to the oxygen in the air being combined with the hydrogen in the kerosene. At the altitudes the planes fly at, the temperature is often -20° or below. Inject relatively hot water vapour into cold air and instant cloud.

Vapour trails are sometimes refereed to as con-trails - if you think there's anything going on here that isn't just the obvious, because some nut-jobs have a few screws loose - you have been conned.
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24-10-2019, 14:43   #81
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Originally Posted by The Wild Goose View Post

So I suppose they were at different altitudes right? Except to the naked eye they were at roughly the same altitude simply because the planes looked the same size? Not accurate I know but certainly an indication..

So for arguments sake let's just say they were all at a similar altitude, if so then why the huge difference in "comtrails" then?
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30-10-2019, 13:05   #82
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Originally Posted by The Wild Goose View Post
Just to clarify that post in case you didn't catch it...
He's asked about the health implications of dumping 10 megatons of aluminium into the atmosphere..
He doesn't balk at the idea, or even dispute the figures..
10 megatons equals 10 million tons! of aluminium.
How much fuel would it take to lift 10 million tons up to the atmosphere?
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30-10-2019, 13:38   #83
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Originally Posted by The Wild Goose View Post
If you read the post you would see that I addressed the flight path issue myself. You did read that part right? That part is done and dusted so you're only wasting time and space pulling up giant flight path maps
You're wasting everyone's time with this nonsense. Ffs engage your brain.

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