I’ve done up a list of common topics and good threads that relate to them. I will add more as I find them but if you want any added, check they have a decent amount of information or posts and then send me a quick PM.

Other forums on boards.ie that may also help:
Green Issues
Legal Discussion
Nature/Bird Watching

Aritech Engineer Code
I need an alarm, any advice?
Pet Friendly alarms
Solid flooring - Gaps and rising?
Floor Insulation
Garden Drainage: Start to finish
Sowing grass seed
Green Energy
Grants for Green Energy Announced
Solar Panels and Roof
Geo Thermal Heating
Draining and Restarting a Central Heating System
One Radiator not working
Gas Boiler Problem
Under floor heating Vs Radiators
Log Cabins
Log Cabins
Log Cabins in Ireland
Refused planning permission
Planning and the 10 year clause
Restoring a 3-bed-semi
New electrics in old house
Security suggestions - prowler around the house
Self Build
Building a house – DIARY
Timber Frames
Drilling Porcelain tiles
Tiling DIY Style
Floor Tiling
Water Treatment Systems - Hard Water
Noisy pipes vibrating when water tank in attic fills up
Wood Pellet Burners
Wood Pellet Burners
Would you opt for a Wood Pellet Boiler?
Wood Pellet Storage