Please read the FAQ before posting to understand what the forum is about and to make sure your post is relevant to the forum.

What can I post here?

You can post anything that is relevant to the forum, as described in the FAQ, once you are obeying the forum rules and user guidelines below.

  • The sitewide rules apply here too.
  • Don't post a link without giving your opinion.
  • No personal abuse. "Attack the post, not the poster". Refrain from abusive labelling like militant, extremist, elitist, propagandist, hippie etc
  • Don't use this forum for advertising your veg*n friendly business.
  • No trolling or flaming
  • Clearly label NSFW posts. Graphic animal cruelty footage should be labelled as NSFW, visible NSFW links should also be linked to indirectly.

User Guidelines

Avoid misuse of the terms 'vegetarian' and 'vegan'.

Please read the FAQ to understand what these terms mean. Misuse of these terms is not only insulting, but only conducive to a misunderstanding of vegetarianism and veganism. "I am a vegetarian but I eat fish" is not appropriate. "I follow a mostly vegetarian/plant-based diet with the exception of fish" is. Please don't refer to vegetarianism and veganism as a whole, as a diet. It is not a diet. We all have levels of strictness, so while vegetarian or vegan is not a diet, shaming another user for their level of strictness is inappropriate and won't be tolerated.

Be supportive

This is a supportive community. Boards is a unique online resource in that it is one of the only places online where vegetarians and vegans are not segregated. This is a good thing. We share the same goals, so let's not alienate eachother by shaming or assuming elitism. At the same time, please be accepting of our differences and don't be insulted by the truth. Don't view the sharing of vegan information as propaganda, just because you make different choices. Sharing vegan information is not an aim to brainwash you or to recruit you. The power of choice is in your hands only, no need to feel threatened by the truth. Please be tactful with thread titles and posts, your aim should never be to insult.

Report posts, don't backseat moderate

If a thread or post is breaking the rules, if you suspect trolling, don't make accusations on thread, instead hit the report post button. Moderation on boards largely depends on the report post function, use it!

PM function

If you are having any issues, you feel you are being personally attacked, you want to give feedback, you want something stickied, you want something added to a sticky or you want to discuss a moderator decision, pm one of the mods, myself or TarAldarion.

Be respectful

You know the difference between laughing at you and laughing with you. When you are in this forum, sense of humour welcome, jokes on us not welcome.

Discussion is a discussion forum! This is not facebook or a blog so don't treat it as such. This forum does not rely on contribution from moderators, it relies on contribution from everyone, including non-vegetarians and non-vegans. This is not my forum, this is our forum. Don't rely on others to make threads, if there's something you want to see then post it!

Starting threads

Before starting a thread, use the search function to check if your issue has already been discussed. If it has then use that thread. If the thread is too old, feel free to start a new thread. Don't bump threads older than a couple of years. If you want to discuss something and you don't feel like it warrants its own thread, try the random question thread.


If you don't follow these rules and user guidelines, threads/posts will be locked/removed and you may receive a warning, an infraction or a forum ban, at the discretion of the moderators. For an explanation of these penalties, please see the "I'm new here" section of the sitewide guidelines.