Looking for some relocation advise.

I'm in my late 20's, project manager at a tech company and I'm looking to make a move to a new location. My company won't facilitate me to work remotely so I'm looking to make a move and find work locally.

What I really need some direction and advice on is picking a suitable location to move to.
I'm toying with the idea of Australia (Melbourne/Sydney) or Doha, as there sufficient work opportunities that are quite well paid there, and the climate sounds good, aside from 2-3 hot months a year.

Can you share your insight on where you would recommend a move to. I have some desired criteria which I would like to hit all of the points.
1. Good climate year round (ie around 20°C, no snow, not much rain)
2. Tech industry opportunities (specifically project/program manager)
3. Not a crazy cost of living (I would like to avoid the rent prices of SF)
4. Visa accessibility (Europe is an easy option, as well as a relatively straightforward process for Australia, but the US can be somewhat restrictive).
5. Young population (places with a substantial population aged 20-40)
6. Reasonably number of public and vacation days (ideally close to our 4 weeks statutory allowance).

What would be your suggestion of a location to relocate to be, and why?

ps... if this post could be positioned better in another forum, let me know.