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21-03-2018, 09:46   #1
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Are liberals fascists in disguise?

Nowadays it seems, people get accused of "hate speech" for the slightest thing. If liberals don`t agree with what is being said, why do some of them immediately accuse the speaker of hate speech? Is this because these liberals are really fascists at heart?

If a speaker says something intended to incite violence, that is hate speech. If I said I voted against gay marriage (actually I didn`t vote), that is enough to be accused of hate, in today`s Ireland. Why would any non-fascist level such an accusation against someone who participates in the democratic process and votes in accordance with their conscience?
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22-03-2018, 11:45   #2
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There is indeed a debate to be had about free speech and how it conflicts with people's notions of 'hate speech', but this is not the way to start that debate. Locked.

Also, please read the charter: this is a forum about debating, not for debating

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