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17-01-2013, 19:44   #46
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Doing courses with both Alison (2 courses) and Udacity (1 course) and I find both of them excellent.
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17-01-2013, 20:08   #47
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Originally Posted by confuseddotcom View Post
Possibly a rather weird request, but am looking for some form of free online programme/software to practise dictaphone typing. I've downloaded a few from searches, but they're only Trials, and they don't work properly for some reason, and ya need 3or4 other bitsnbobs for them to work right etc etc. .....

I know traditionally with dicta-typing you have yer machine/recorder and pedal and stuff, but I know some places like hospitals transfer the voice recordings needing to be typed over the net, play them back and type them out and that's how it rolls lol. So am looking for something along that line to just get in some practice anyway. I guess I could do something quick-fix and record something myself to work with, but obviously would prefer something business-like and official with various voice accents and varying voice speeds. So if any-one can point me in the direction of something free, not-needing any extra bits that's easily accessible and works straight off I would much appreciate it. Cheers!
Mavis Beacon teaches typing is a handy touch typing programme you can work through - I used to have it on an old pc - link below

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22-07-2013, 12:25   #48
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Can anyone tell me if there is a beginners course in website building, I see plenty of templates and free
stuff, did anyone ever use these please ???
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25-10-2013, 23:10   #49
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Here's a few links to some good university-level online courses.
I'm currently doing one with Coursera and it's very good.
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25-11-2013, 22:11   #50
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Some awesome resources here.
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19-03-2014, 08:39   #51
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hey everybody Newbie Here Free online courses are the best way to earn online diploma. and its is very beneficial, because you can earn it on your own pace at your own place. i was also the part of Online institution and now i am graduated
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25-04-2014, 11:16   #52
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List of a few more, apologies if already posted.
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15-05-2014, 23:57   #53
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Would it be silly to mention these in passing in an interview/on cv? I know they hold no qualification but surely it's an asset that you are educating yourself on things? Or just avoid altogether?
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16-05-2014, 20:46   #54
Dermot Illogical
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Originally Posted by 1moo345 View Post
Would it be silly to mention these in passing in an interview/on cv? I know they hold no qualification but surely it's an asset that you are educating yourself on things? Or just avoid altogether?
Mention it as one of your interests?
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21-05-2014, 21:26   #55
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You could add a "courses" section to your CV and list them there.
Linkedin has a section called this now.

I would defo mention them.
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11-09-2014, 11:14   #56
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OMG this is just what I am looking for..I was made redundant,I have 2 kids and to be honest it's not easy to stay at home when you're used of working. Anyway I want to do a course that I can maybe get some part time work out of. I'm big into fitness and have actually seen a deal on a Personal Trainer course on living social this morning, does anyone know how legit these are?? I come from an office background so this might be the change I need, but I don't want to waste my money if it's not recognised..
Also before this I was considering doing a train the trainer course as that's another avenue I'd like to explore! Does anyone have recommendations for this??

Thanks (my head is a muddle)!
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29-07-2015, 06:33   #57
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There will be a wide selection of outcomes directed at you if you do attempt to sort through the Planet Wide Website for-free online programs. There be seemingly free online programs in most subject-area.

You will find online courses with this region if you should be thinking about vocabulary programs. It is possible to discover languages like Aramaic, Bulgarian, Cherokee, Danish, Estonian, German, Gaelic, Traditional, Icelandic, Western, Khmer, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Local, Euro, Sanskrit, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Welsh provided free of charge.

There are also additional free online programs accessible like dental helping, breastfeeding, healthcare, education, I t economics marketing, electrical electronics science and astronomy to mention several.
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30-11-2015, 19:00   #58
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Online courses

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and was checking some online courses with Alison. I saw the free courses but was wondering the price of your certificates on the other courses. If anyone knows could you let me know roughly.

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01-03-2016, 12:25   #59
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I was wondering, has anyone found a free (or cheap) method of getting the ECDL, or similar levels of training in some of the Microsoft applications ?

Many thanks.
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28-06-2016, 22:23   #60
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Hi all, with the coursera courses, can you study them at your own pace? I've just seen one I think my mother would enjoy but she wouldn't be able to commit to set times to be online or anything. Or are the courses all different?
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