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corks finest
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Originally Posted by Edgware View Post
Off with you but any dirtbird who plants bombs has done nothing worth commemorating
Freedom of every republic worldwide wasn't won by keyboard warriors, who conveniently forget the reason they can comment publicly on any subject they care to,
Is that people did the dirty work for them first day
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What about those who can be easily identified and thus are reluctant to post in a thread such as this. Anyway, as I'm sick of saying this thread is more suited for AH and if it stays open much longer I for one will be leaving the History & Heritage forum.
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were the IRA not a pain in the hole to people of the north once they became organised? pushin their weight around in their own communities etc?
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As this thread seems to be drifting beyond the History's charter and more into AH/Current affairs the thread will be closed.
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