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31-05-2019, 00:29   #571
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
"Cause power has to be shared. You'll understand soon enough"

She bares her neck.

"Just get it over with. Gotta say I enjoyed these last few nights. No hard feelings"
'Truth be told, so did I. I almost regret that I won't have you around anymore, you know.'

He smirks.


He begins to feed.
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Memories, emotions, thoughts and plans flood into Lysander. And new powers, they'll take a while to gain full command of.

But one fact sticks out.

Jacqueline knew of the prophecy. She was the last in a line of warriors devoted to ensuring that no vampire was ever too strong. There would be a leader, the alpha sure, but not the insane blood gods that the clan founders were. The African clans had never allowed any vampire, even the founders to reach this strength. Jacqueline had been sent, the last of her kind, to America to use the prophecy to restore balance to the American clans.

The one ability Lysander feels blossom in him there and then. An ancient blood ritual Jacqueline had been working on for decades. It just needed a powerful enough vampire to use it. Jacqueline had originally hoped Lysander would do it after being forced to feed from Cock Robin or Clarissa.

But this was good enough.

Lysander need only release the discipline from his blood and Lasombra's strength would be ripped from him. Redistributed into all of the Lasombra clan across America. Balance restored.

Jacqueline's last words echo into his mind.

"It'll leave you the strongest Lasombra out there. A good deed and you get to be top dog with all that power you crave. Not bad huh?"
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Lysander contemplates for a moment.

Lasombra shouldn't even be here. It was only because of him that he still existed. And he had had to answer for that with another power.

It would be so...easy. Restoring balance. He liked Jacqueline enough to grant her last request.

He turns to La-Som-Bheu.

'Thank you blood father. You have helped me achieve my goals. But now... I say farewell.'

He releases the discipline.
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Nostro is fighting off some of the Sabbat beneath the flickering lights of the silversmith's shop. Glass cases shattered, the odd dead ghoul and staked vamp lie thrown through the displays or the window. Others lie slumped on the street outside.

Cock Robin's body had been restored just a few moments ago. The two of them were fighting back to back. Twelve Sabbat surrounding them.

"Christ kid for a neonate you fight well. Lysander teach you all this?" Cock Robin asks while drawing on a cigarette. "Look these chumps are small fry, but there's a chance you could be dealt some serious damage. So let me take the lead..."

Just then Cock Robin feels it, the dull pressure of a powerful dominate.

"RUN! LEAVE THE CITY AND NEVER COME BACK!" Nostro says. The Sabbat shovelheads drop their weapons and leg it.

"Fúck kid what was that. You were holding that back the whole time?"

"No...I just felt it within me all of a sudden...I don't understand..."

Cock Robin closes his eyes and tunes his senses.

"Oh yes you do kid. Get to my car..."

Nostro looks outside to the car sitting in the rain.

"...we gotta go meet the new Prince. Don't worry I've a feeling you'll like him"

Confused Nostro picks up a nice looking silver Swiss watch. "Always wanted one of these"

He then heads out with Cock Robin.

End of Part Three.

Part Four to come soon.
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Summary of cast coming tomorrow

Story so far:

Part 1:

Meet with Jacqueline
Recovering photos for Tremére Primogen
Body in the hospital, Masquerade threat
Vampire Hunter
Monster in the Nosferatu Sewers
Clarissa and Friends
Meeting with Archons and Jacqueline, plan to take out enemies
Meal with Cock Robin
Attack on House, Sabbat Bishop
Meeting with Tremére Primogen
Visit to Sabbat Cathedral
Meeting with Werewolves
Capturing Nines Rodriguez
Meet with Jacqueline to discuss framing Wan Kuei
Visit from Beckett and trip to Museum
Helping Kirsten and killing Chinese Banker
Delivering Nines Rodriguez to Werewolves
Meeting Deborah for first time
Visit to club, Jazqueline kills Smiling Jack
Meet Agalia, Framing of Sabbat at Wan Kuei temple
Second Sabbat Temple Visit, Sabbat destroyed, Kirsten Consumed
Bloodhunt, 'Death of Larry'
Asylum club meeting, Lysander 'transfered' to Cock Robin and given territory in city
Giovanni mansion meeting and visit to Afterlife
Consumption of Deborah
New Home

Part 2:
Trip to Giovanni Home
Medieval Sicily
Night Club Hunting
Meeting with Agent Moreno
Meeting with Dracula at Airport
Confrontation with Hunter at Airport
Visit to Afterlife
Ride Midnight Express to Stygia
City meeting with Lasombra Clan Founding proposed
Journey back to Sabbat Temple with Dracula
Meeting with Demon and learning of prophecy
Demon bound
Attack on Teresa Salvador's mansion
Meeting with owl and agreement
Hunters attack mansion after owl
Car chase with hunters
Lysander meets with an angel
Clarissa eats Sheriff
Clarissa bound and escape to San Diego

Part 3:
Lysander wakes and speaks to Clarissa in Cock Robin's hideout
Meeting with San Diego kindred and new home
Attack on Wan Kuei temple
Kill Wan Kuei Ancestor, betrayed by Helena and saved by Clarissa
Conversation with Tara about plans
Join Bruce's company and convert him to Nostro
Go to Wan Kuei owned restaurant and get Ancestors bell.
Meeting with San Diego Nosferatu
Flashback to ancient city of Enoch and change of the timeline
Meeting with Imelda's agent
Imelda's fight night
Meeting with God
Return to LA in aftermath of major Sabbat attack
Meeting with wolves
Attack on Sabbat HQ
Meeting with Lasombra himself
Part of Prophecy fulfilled
Lysander new Prince of LA
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OOC: Thanks Four, nice to get that back into my head
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Here's most of the cast, I'll go over it tomorrow for gaps. New stuff about those you already knew are in bold. New characters below dashed line. Little details that might be useful, important or just never came up again underlined.


  1. Jeff Irons - Police Chief of Santa Monica, Lysander's contact, given to him another Milanese Vampire known only as Bella
  2. Gary Stevens - Photographer, took Masquerade violating pictures of the Tremére Primogen. Manipulated into driving until exhausted and arrested for hit and run.
  3. Lydia Stevens - Gary's wife, Lysander's most loyal ghoul. Survived Bloodhunt. Burned down her and Gary's house by Lysander's request. Lysander concocted story where by she left with Dr. Crane for Crete
  4. Dr. Crane - Doctor in Santa Monica Medical. Involved on investigation of body with clear evidence of vampire activity on it. Left for Crete under Lysander's influence.
  5. Dr. Moss - Another doctor involved in looking at the body. Convinced to murder polic officer Brians.
  6. Officer Brians - Police Detective on hospital body case. Murdered by Dr. Moss when Lysander convinced him that Brians was in fact the one responsible for the killing
  7. Joseph Philips - one of the bodies at the morgue
  8. Abraham Roul - vampire victim at morgue, killed by Celerity
  9. Jonathan Fox - Taxi Driver, Convinced to leave for Japan so that Lysander could have his wife Rebecca as a ghoul
  10. Rebecca Susan - Jonathan's wife, Movie executive. Became a ghoul, but killed during bloodhunt
  11. Greg and Jake - Two business at the Nosferatu owned restaurant Lysander took Cock Robin to. Greg was killed by Cock Robin due to his need to suck blood from the eyes. Lysander manipulated Jake to make it look like Murder/Suicide by Car crash
  12. Martha - Lysander's newest ghoul. Movie Star in B movies that have half truths about vampires
  13. Alice Stenson - Deborah's romantic interest, met in afterlife. Worked with her in WWII, died in fire.
  14. Thomas - Body guard of Mr. Huang, became a ghoul, but killed during bloodhunt
  15. Mr. Huang - Human financer for Wan Kuei
  16. The Lord - Norman lord of area around Nicosia in the 12th century. Catalda's employer in her human life.
  17. Lone Vampire Hunter - Sent by Society of Leopold to kill Deborah
  18. Agent Moreno - Works in branch of government recently set up to deal with the supernatural. Quized Lysander on some details of the city's vampiric life, but clearly had no real idea of how things worked. Hired hunters from France to deal with LA's kindred.
  19. The French Hunters - A group of elite vampire hunters from the French branch of the Catholic church. First member encountered at the airport. They later attacked the mansion of the Toreador Primogen Teresa Salvador. All were killed by Lysander. They showed little to no understanding of traditionally Non-Camarilla clans like the Lasombra, but did have very strong minds for humans. The reason for the mansion attack was never determined.
  20. Janos - A ghoul of the Voerman twins. Was aware Lysander had committed diablerie, but luckily for Lysander due to being a Malkavian he could not express it directly but only in rhyme and his seeming madness would prevent him from being taken seriously.
  21. Francisco - Cock Robin's ghoul. Minds his outpost in the Senora desert.
  22. Bronwen - Lysander's sister. Her identity was assumed by Facilitator-41CLA and her body fatally wounded during the attempt to bind Clarissa. Died from a loss of blood when Lysander drank from her after Facilitator-41CLA released her persona.
  23. Clarence - Security guard at Nostro's business offices
  24. Gabriel Smith - Member of Nostro's legal team. Briefly met at Nostro's offices.
  25. George - Paperwork guy at Nostro's company
  26. Tim - Nostro's business partner who had felt Nostro was putting less effort into the company due to his political career. Had his will crushed by Lysander and forced into a situation where he was made call Nostro blackmailing about leaking the details of their failing business to the media. Nostro knew about Tim's affair and had the media in his pocket. Feeling trapped Tim attacked Nostro, but was subdued by Lysander. Died when he became Nostro's first meal.
  27. Imelda's agent - Organises her fights. Nostro practiced dominate on her.

  1. Bella - Another vampire from Milan
  2. LaCroix - previous Prince, killed 2004
  3. ArchBishop Andrei - previous Sabbat bishop, killed by Fledgling in 2004
  4. Fledgling - Very powerful neonate involved in LaCroix's demise in 2004. The video game's protaganist
  5. Jacqueline - current Prince. Unhealed scar, which is rare for a vampire. Previously an Anarch. Single-handedly stopped the entire Werewolf population of San Francisco, implying massive strength. During attack on Smiling Jack displayed abilities even Cock Robin didn't recognise. Arranged for Lysander's transference for reasons unknown via Milanese contacts unknown. Consumed by Lysander as she seems to have somewhat intended as a Plan B.
  6. Maximilian Strauss - Tremére Primogen. Lysander helped destroy photos of him in a ritual. Has asked Lysander to obtain a book from the museum. Humiliated by Jacqueline at meeting discussing hunters and Lasombra clan
  7. Alfons - Maximillian's right hand and librarian. Killed at the end of Chapter One.
  8. Adalbert - Unseen Tremere that Jacqueline recommended to help Lysander enter Wan Kuei temple
  9. Therese Voerman - Malkavian Primogen. Owns Santa Monica. Only appeared in club at the end of Chapter one in the background. Gave Lysander a laptop as a guest of her territory.
  10. Jeanette Voerman - Therese Voerman's twin sister. Aware that Lysander had been Larry. Due to being a Malkavian few would believe her.
  11. Teresa Salvador - Older of the two Toreador Primogens, ordered murder of Clarissa and her friends. It's likely that Teresa Salvador is a vampire who still feels sexual attraction, something only possible for certain Toreador. This was repulsive to Strauss as Tremere tend to be very removed from humanity. Was not present during the attack on her mansion
  12. Deborah - Younger Toreador Primogen, Consumed by Lysander. Replaced by Melissa.
  13. Melissa - Toreador right hand. Servant of both Deborah and Teresa, now Primogen after Deborah's death. Contacted Lysander by email early on about Clarissa and friends.
  14. Beckett - World Famous researcher of Vampirism. Interested in Clarissa. Confirmed to Lysander that Clarissa was probably a clan founder. Gave Lysander the heart of the dragon that recently fell from the sky in LA. Felt that a "hero" of a vampiric prophecy often consumes the heart of a dragon and it can't be a coincidence that one fell with a prophecy being fulfilled in LA. Felt better about giving Lysander the heart than Clarissa in case she became too powerful, though wasn't sure if Lysander was a hero. Didn't help the previous prophect hero he met (the Fledgling) and felt guilty about it. Left saying he would never be seen again.
  15. Cock Robin - Justicar posing as Archon, has Lysander as primary candidate for his right hand. Helped Lysander in most of his escapades in some manner. Somehow still addicted to cigarettes despite being a vampire. Helped contain Clarissa and get the group to San Diego. Beheaded in attack on LA, but now healed
  16. Kirsten Belamy - Archon brought to city to find peaceful way to enhance Camarilla strength. Consumed by Lysander
  17. Gary Golden - Nosferatu Primogen. Sent out mission to find monster in sewers
  18. Damsel - City Sheriff. Once an Anarch. Nearly killed by French Vampire Hunters in attack on Toreador mansion. Finally consumed by Clarissa.
  19. Dumitru - Tzimitsce in Nosferatu sewers. Hoped Lysander would follow typical Lasombra power urges and betray Camarilla. Killed with all other Sabbat in Temple incident
  20. Sabbat Bishop - hoped to turn Lysander, was instead destroyed after Kirsten's blood made Lysander more powerful than he thought. Underestimated Kirsten's generation and some effect making Lysander immune to blood bonding.
  21. Nines Rodriguez - Head of Los Angeles Anarchs. Killed by werewolves after Lysander defeated him with Cock Robin
  22. Smiling Jack - Second highest Los Angeles Anarch. Killed by Jacqueline after surviving werewolf attack
  23. Tara Kearney - Being considered for Prince of San Diego, currently Anarch leader, but thinks the city should switch to the Camarilla. Took Lysander and Clarissa in as members of the San Diego Camarilla. Missing after Sabbat attack
  24. Jeremy MacNeill - Anarch leader in San Francisco. Killed in Sabbat attack.
  25. Salvador Garcia - Brought the Anarchs to power in California back in the 1940s by killing the prince of Los Angeles at the time. Has allied with the Wan Kuei to prevent Camarilla expansion in California. Missing after Sabbat attack.
  26. Vannevar Thomas - Camarilla Prince of San Francisco. Camarilla only control ~10% of San Francisco, so this means little. MacNeill and Garcia tolerate him because he's not that bad a guy. Killed in Sabbat attack.
  27. David - Difficult to understand Malkavian that drove Lysander to spa where Mr. Huang was staying
  28. Visconti - Lasombra ancestor of Lysander and Prince of Milan (unseen)
  29. Duomo di Milano Nosferatu - A hacker from back in Milan that Lysander knows
  30. Adriano - Gangrel Primogen. Attended Giovanni mansion as Lysander entered afterlife and previously authorised dominating Agalia for Sabbat Temple visit
  31. Agalia - Gangrel that helped Lysander attack Wan Kuei temple. Brought to Sabbat. Holding hidden orders to kill Adriano
  32. Louis Fortier - Ventrue Primogen, gave Lysander house
  33. The Greek - Old Vampire looking for Clarissa that appeared at the end of Chapter One
  34. The Witch - Capadocian vampire who lived near the town Catalda was from
  35. Catalda - Giovanni leader who taught Lysander some of their abilities. Seems to have been diablerised
  36. Netchurch - Colleague and rival of Beckett. Discovered the possibility of Inceptors.
  37. Clarissa - Probably an Inceptor, first member of new Clan. Lives with Lysander. Has obtained her clan founder form and been bound to Lysander. The bond prevents the full manifestation of her abilities with Lysander's permission. Currently believes Lysander cares for her despite earlier doubts due to saving her from Helena and the choice to feed from Jacqueline
  38. Vlad Basarab III - Better known as Dracula. Known for the worst Masquerade breach in recent history. His master had ordered him to LA to investigate the prophecy and find out about the new clan founder. Knows the new clan founder should be a woman. Disliked intensely by Cock Robin. Helped Lysander attack Sabbat stronghold.
  39. Imane - Brujah Primogen in LA - Lysander has not had any interaction with her. Only seen at meeting. Seems the most concerned with the new mortal government efforts to fight the supernatural.
  40. Nostro - Formerly Bruce Garron, a multimillionaire. Very loyal in Lysander's absence. The Sire-Childe bond was unusually effective on his siring, he is almost incapable of crossing Lysander and wouldn't anyway due to the opportunity knowing him gives Nostro and he just plain likes him. Clarissa said he was like Lysander except for one small detail she couldn't get a sense for.
  41. The four Toreador neonates - Flown in from Greece for Teresa's entertainment. All killed by the owl, but most think it was the French Vampire hunting team who did it.
  42. Guido - A Sabat Lasombra sent explicitly to assassinate Lysander. Dominated into total obedience by Lysander. Believes Lysander is his Sire. Killed in attack on San Diego Wan Kuei
  43. Robert Haley - Stock trading San Deigo Ventrue Primogen. Took in Guido for Lysander. Killed in attack by Sabat.
  44. Helena - Ancient Toreador Primogen of San Diego. Attempted to kill Lysander due to thinking he was too dangerous. Missing after Sabbat attack.
  45. Gratiano de Veronese - Leader of the Lasombra within the Sabbat. Due to Lysander messing with the timeline his asorption of Lau-Som-Bheu didn't truly diablerize the latter but only led to him taking over Gratiano's body by the early 2000s.
  46. Lau-Som-Bheu - The first Lasombra and clan founder. Attacked LA, San Francisco and San Diego in order to establish a new Lasombra kingdom ruling over mortals openly on the West Coast with Lysander at his side. Depowered by Lysander fulfilling part of the propchecy in one possible way.
  47. Imelda - Prize winning Mexican Wrestler. Even as a mortal could resist a weak Dominate from Lysander. Turned on Lysander's behalf by Nostro. She helped Nostro escape the Sabbat attack. Missing after Sabbat attack.
  48. Ernesto - Primogen of the San Diego Nosferatu. Led Lysander to an ancient Vampiric hand that they had found. Killed in Sabbat attack.

  1. Werewolves - Killed Rodriguez for murder of pack member in 2004. Also want Fledgling. Teleported Lysander to Sabat stronghold at the end of part three.
  2. Jiejie Li - Current leader of Wan Kuei. Exists in afterlife except for four hour period once a week
  3. Ming Xiao - Previous Wan Kuei leader. Mentioned only.
  4. Guardians of Stygia - soldiers of the afterlife's most powerful nation, briefly attacked Lysander
  5. Constance Bridges - A ghost Lysander met on the Midnight Express in the afterlife.
  6. Sarah - A ghost permanently bonded to Lysander after his trip to the afterlife. There are two other ghosts bound to him, but he hasn't spoken to them yet
  7. Facilitator-41CLA - A demon who agreed to enter Lysander's service in return for assuming the life and identity of Lysander's sister Bronwen. Following Bronwen 's death assumed the Larry Carson persona Lysander had used. It's implied being Larry might have been his goal all along. Stayed loyal in Lysander's absence and has set up safe houses in LA and San Diego for him.
  8. The owl - A being of unknown provenance capable of bonding Clarissa to Lysander despite her status as Clan Founder. Knew of Lysander's role in the prophecy as "The Shadow". Surprised he was a Lasombra as that was "too obvious". Said he would not attack Clarissa because of his principles and a "mistake made long ago". Lysander owes him now.
  9. Interogator-117BLA - An angel who met with Lysander and asked him to keep an eye on Facilitator-41CLA. Lysander nicknamed her Felicity. Went to meet Dracula based on what Lysander told her about Dracula summoning Facilitator-41CLA. Can be called on by playing the track "An Angel is coming" on a USB she gave Lysander.
  10. Zhangsun - San Diego Wan Kuie ancestor. Killed by Lysander in lengthy battle. He later stole a magic bell from a restaurant she owned.
  11. God - Ultimate authority of the angel hierarchy, but not one of them. Little is known of this figure despite its immense power. Vampires are outside its jurisdiction. Implied to not align with normal human idea of God. Angels speak of it in a mixture of spiritual and mechanical terms. Moved Lysander forward in time by two years.
  12. Elderly Werewolf - A woman who had hidden from her Lupine heritage her whole life and was used as an anchor to teleport Lysander to Sabbat stronghold. Lysander her forced her to embrace herself and transform. Killed in attack.

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Added entries for:
  1. Bronwen
  2. Clarence
  3. Gabriel Smith
  4. George
  5. Tim
  6. Imelda's agent
  7. Imelda
  8. Ernesto
  9. Elderly Werewolf

Updated entries for:
  1. Beckett
  2. Clarissa

Minor updates for characters we've never met:
  1. Jeremy MacNeill
  2. Salvador Garcia
  3. Vannevar Thomas

There will be a lot of updates for the LA primogens, but that's more suited for Part IV itself rather than here.
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New thread:
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