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11-06-2019, 21:50   #1
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If you could change one thing about Ireland...

If you could change one thing about Ireland, what would it be?

For me it's the courts system and the sentences handed down. I'm so sick of lenient and suspended sentences that I now just avoid reading about court cases in newspapers. People on 100+ previous convictions pleading with the judge about their tough upbringing and how they've now turned their life around. Absolutely infuriating how it's repeatedly allowed to happen!

I don't care what it takes - they can double my USC to pay for extra prison officers, they can build a massive prison next door to my house, I really don't care how it's done once the scumbags are taken off the streets and there's an actual deterrent for the type of people that feel the law doesn't apply to them.

So what is the one thing (serious or trivial) that you'd like to change about Ireland?
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11-06-2019, 21:53   #3
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The drinking culture.
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11-06-2019, 21:53   #4
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Get rid of Joe Brolly by whatever means necessary
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11-06-2019, 21:55   #5
corner of hells
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I'd like for winters to be colder, so when the Liffey freezes over , I could skate along it in a sort of winter wonderland scene.
Ok , I'd have to avoid the frozen traffic cones and shopping trolleys but you get my gist.
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11-06-2019, 21:56   #6
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11-06-2019, 21:57   #7
Mantis Toboggan
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The weather, think France has the best all round climate, I'd happily change ours for theirs.
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11-06-2019, 21:57   #8
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Inept political and public service decision making
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11-06-2019, 21:58   #9
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Weather. It's like fkcng winter out there!
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11-06-2019, 21:59   #10
Former Observer
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Join Date: Nov 2018
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Outlaw private health care and private schools.

Everybody should contribute to the same system. If rich people want their children to go to better schools then they should invest in the whole system.
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11-06-2019, 21:59   #11
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Join Date: Dec 2009
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Not so expensive
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11-06-2019, 21:59   #12
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The current people.
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11-06-2019, 22:00   #13
Junkyard Tom
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Its location - the Bay of Biscay would be nice.
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11-06-2019, 22:00   #14
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Seize every car, motorbike, bicycle or pedestrian that breaks the rule of the road, and put them into a big crusher.
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11-06-2019, 22:01   #15
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I'd like to change the school system. Mainly the secondary one.
Firstly I'd like to see more practical classes(I know people say your meant to learn it at home but we don't live in an ideal World).
I'd also like to see more subjects/courses being offered especially in the second half of secondary. Some would be for the more academic students and others for the more vocational students.
I'd also look into the amount of subjects you have to study.
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