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15-11-2020, 01:24   #1
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There is a generation that has not grown up with .......

I was 50 this year. It makes you think.

I look at my kids.

For me they they are a generation that has not grown up with nor know.......

The Smiths

Only Fools and Horses

Abject Unemployment

Anyone else?
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15-11-2020, 01:40   #4
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Reading about a band for ages before you actually got a chance to listen to them.
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15-11-2020, 01:43   #6
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Going to the video library , renting your video, getting it home to discover its crap
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Gregor Samsa
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Every generation of the million years of human evolution up until the 1980s grew up without Only Fools And Horses and The Smiths. And all the other stuff that defines your formative years.

This generation, and every one after then for the next million years of human evolution, will get in just fine without them too.
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15-11-2020, 02:03   #8
Vita nova
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Looking through a telephone directory or the Golden Pages (yellow pages) for a number or service.
Ordering items from a paper catalogue over the phone or by post.
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15-11-2020, 02:07   #9
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My wife's friends 13 year old daughter doesn't know how to turn on an oven or butter bread. I do blame the (single) mother but I fear there is a generation coming up that don't have basic skills in self sufficiency. They are more concerned with men having periods

Last edited by Ted_YNWA; 16-11-2020 at 11:29.
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15-11-2020, 02:12   #10
Vita nova
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Visiting or phoning a travel agent to book a holiday or flight.
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15-11-2020, 03:09   #11
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I’m sure current and future generations will get on just fine without all the crap of previous generations. After all there are a lot of 50+ year olds that don’t know how to solder a hole in a bucket with a fire iron, or an electric one for that matter... replace a valve in a radio or fix a tv... all skill that were thought to be useful when I were a boy.
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15-11-2020, 03:12   #12
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Originally Posted by fleet_admiral View Post
My wife's friends 13 year old daughter doesn't know how to turn on an oven or butter bread. I do blame the (single) mother but I fear there is a generation coming up that don't have basic skills in self sufficiency. They are more concerned with men having periods (which is mental illness)
Sure look she’s a kid still. She might not be able to use an oven, but there’s adults just over twice her age who can’t use most modern technology effortlessly. These are skills she‘ll learn in time. My brother didn’t figure out how an oven works till the day before he left to college at 18.
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15-11-2020, 03:21   #13
Atlantic Dawn
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Having to tax your car at the motor taxation office. It was basically a smoke filled piss laden aired fooking kip that you had to fill in a form that took a good 10 minutes despite the fact you just wanted to add another years tax to your car you already owned based on the registration xyz123.
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15-11-2020, 03:54   #14
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the misery of endless remorseless political correctness.
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15-11-2020, 04:03   #15
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Buttered popcorn at the cinema...
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