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01-11-2020, 21:53   #1
Brussels Sprout
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Irritating American names for things

What are the perfectly good names of things that the Americans have, for some reason, decided to call completely different things that annoy you.

I'll open the bidding with them calling Fruit & Vegetables Produce (and pronouncing it "pro-juice").
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01-11-2020, 21:54   #3
Rodney Bathgate
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Originally Posted by fatbhoy View Post
Beat me up it.
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01-11-2020, 21:56   #5
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Repressive strong armed and excessive policing

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01-11-2020, 21:58   #9
Rodney Bathgate
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01-11-2020, 21:58   #10
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Sidewalk, cookies, trunk(BOOT) jelly(jam)
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01-11-2020, 21:59   #11
Hello 2D Person Below
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St. Patty's Day.
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01-11-2020, 21:59   #12
Rodney Bathgate
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01-11-2020, 21:59   #13
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Path / sidewalk

Lift / elevator
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01-11-2020, 22:00   #14
the purple tin
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Missile, pronounced miss-ill.
Aloominum for aluminium.
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01-11-2020, 22:00   #15
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Kerb for footpath

Garbage for rubbish

Candy for sweets

Mail for post

Hood for bonnet
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