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Originally Posted by Badly Drunk Boy View Post
Isn't not yawning contagiously/socially supposed to be a sign of a sociopath, because of a lack of empathy? Whenever a bout of yawning breaks out in a group, I'm never lured in...
I don’t know, but yawning as soon as other people try to get a word in might be…

- a psychopath?! type of crazy who clutches your head and waggles their tongue in your eye socket.
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Stirring Tea anti clockwise
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Snake eyes.
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Spanish Eyes
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People who torture and neglect animals, dissect them and kill them at a young age. Won't end well.
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Originally Posted by nelly17 View Post
Stirring Tea anti clockwise
everyone knows that
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Working class heroes
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Mono brow.
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Sgt Hartman
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Originally Posted by Working class heroes View Post
Mono brow.
Beware of those whose eyebrows meet, for in their hearts you'll find deceit!

I believe an ex work colleague of mine to have a psychopathic personality. He's extremely selfish and antagonistic, he has no friends either in or outside of work and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him.
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Anyone who makes fun of people in front of other people. I hate anyone I have ever seen do that. Them kind of people are best avoided.
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Originally Posted by Abominable Dr. Phibes View Post
How is that a sign of sociopathy? Bit of a silly post tbh.
I enjoy this video.

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I'm pleased to see this was asked in after hours
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Taking the minus offer in the Chase for me. And every time I've seen it done it's been a (thick as mince) woman.
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27-04-2021, 18:01   #42
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People who live in a fantasy land. They will tell you they are the best at something, they have the best car, house, job, girlfriend etc when the reality is they don't work, have no money, live in a shack, have no friends and their family doesn't even want anything to do with them.
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A Lamb Named Miltiades!
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Not sure how serious an answer you're looking for on the psychopathy thing, OP, but I would say psychopathy (or anti social personality disorder) doesn't need any hints.

Psychopathy is one of those overused words like "depressed" or "OCD" which we usually use outside of its psychological meaning, but it's an immediately obvious disorder. God love them, like, because it's probably deserving of being described as a mental illness instead of a personality disorder.

I've only met one person whom I am certain had this condition or a similar disorder. Quite a violent, extremely emotional person with no ability to regulate mood or maintain relationships. A total absence of self-deprecation was the least serious trait, but probably the most obvious: a mild ribbing would erupt into a ferocious tantrum. This person stole from their own parents, from friends, and caused one ex to have a nervous breakdown, through a mixture of emotional cruelty and, it is suspected, violence.

When it comes to your run-of-the-mill peculiarities, unusual traits or even quirks, I'd argue that the broad spectrum of human behaviour is part of what makes life interesting, and makes sustained friendships all the more valuable. I'd hate if we were all the same, life would be so boring.

One thing I am quite convinced about is that personality is fixed, and biological. You cannot change people. It's usually best (and better for the peace) to just accept people as they are. The vast majority of us are lucky to be situated somewhere in the acceptable middle-spectrum of traits, and sad to think, those at the extremes will probably never change. No matter what.

I think they can learn to cope with situations in manageable ways, but that's more managing their anger (or whatever) than eradicating it.

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People who put on socks before jocks
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Originally Posted by Leg End Reject View Post

People who say womxn. Very strange.
And he accuses other people of having "issues" with women. The irony
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