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26-04-2021, 11:18   #1
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Ghosted after a few good dates

So, I recently matched with the one on tinder who was very cute, charming a funny. Within a few weeks we exchanged numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. After a while we agreed to meet up in person and we clicked like a house on fire. We met the following week again and had a ball of time together. The following two weeks were Easter Sunday and the following Sunday I was tied the following Sunday helping a friend. We stayed in contact every day and night and shared messages and Snap chatting each other every day. Met her last Sunday and we had a brilliant time together. We chatted Sunday night when I got home and I fell asleep then. Monday morning I texted her and I got the following message back “ You're fine, sooo tired this morning getting up for work how's you? xx “ this is the last message I have got as I have been blocked on WhatsApp and on Snapchat. I’m still a match on tinder with her and friends on Instagram with her. I have reached out to her and asked her what is going on but I have been ghosted!!! To be honest I didn’t think she was like this and if she was to message me again later in life I would accept her back into my life.

How do people cope when someone ghosts you? To be honest I’m a nervous wreck, not sleeping properly, not eating much and can’t focus at work. I’m stressed out and I would love to hear from her is all
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Leg End Reject
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It sounds like she got back with an ex, or was seeing others at the same time and opted for one of them.

Don't let her back into your life if she makes contact later, it's very disrespectful not to send a text or call to let you know where you stand.
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I've had some bad experiences but that bates all out. What a bee-yatch!
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26-04-2021, 11:37   #5
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Originally Posted by Leg End Reject View Post
It sounds like she got back with an ex, or was seeing others at the same time and opted for one of them.
Yeah, this is what springs to my mind also.
And she's too chicken to break cleanly.
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Perhaps. It was someone else who blocked you on her phone . Or as above she had her fun.
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I feel for you OP but I think you just have to cut your losses on this one and be thankful that you did not discover this behaviour at a later stage in the relationship and you could have a lot more at stake and also be more emotionally committed.

At the moment it hurts but that will ease and you can put it down to experience and learn from it.

I really don't think you should accept her back unless he has a really genuine reason for ignoring you which I doubt.

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26-04-2021, 16:08   #8
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Originally Posted by Leg End Reject View Post
It sounds like she got back with an ex, or was seeing others at the same time and opted for one of them.

Don't let her back into your life if she makes contact later, it's very disrespectful not to send a text or call to let you know where you stand.
Yup. This.

She was writing to 5 and went with one of them but she'll still be writing to 5 still and youll see her on tinder "recently active" soon again.

They're all at the same thing.

Putting pandemic to one side. Theirs something wrong with the vast majority of people on tinder etc. Especially those into the late 30s.
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26-04-2021, 16:10   #9
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The joys of online dating. Move on.
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26-04-2021, 16:12   #10
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A few weeks of chatting before meeting up?
I think the longer you wait to meet in person the lower your chances. Get in there early next time (literally)

Best of luck
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26-04-2021, 16:18   #11
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It's all in the game.
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26-04-2021, 16:28   #12
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Originally Posted by Feisar View Post
It's all in the game.
Don't hate the playa, hate the game.
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Why do this to yourself,
There's literally nothing you can do about it so why worry about it ?
If you see here just be nice and don't ask ,

Any number of things could have happened here's a short sections ,
1, She got the ick ,
2. She figured out she know an ex
3. Someone told her something about you
4, She seen you where still on tinder,
5, She got another offer she couldn't refuse,

Happened to me once years ago much like yourself it seemed to be going really well , I played it cooled and never said anything i'm glad I did because we still bump into each other from time to time and are both nice to each other ,

I have never asked what happened nor will I cause whats the point ,She made up her mind for whatever reason so why would I want to convince someone to like me , You should take the same road ,

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26-04-2021, 16:37   #14
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Unfortunately this is all too common nowadays. Its hard enough for men having to make the first move. Women seem to have all the power when it comes to dating. Not all men have the confidence to ask someone out let alone get turned down or ghosted. I wish there wasn't some unspoken rule about dating where women are the majority
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26-04-2021, 16:41   #15
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Have a few beers on weekend and then start sending messages to see if you can rekindle anything
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