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08-04-2021, 14:41   #31
The Nal
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Originally Posted by JustAThought View Post
OMg was she ok????
That was some kick to the head.
She was knocked out. Never found out the story behind it. If the wedding continued etc.
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I was at this wedding where the ex girlfriend flew over from New York and turned up at the ceremony. Just before hand she tells the groom that she loved him, but he rejects her and decides to go ahead anyway. Then in the middle of the vows, he says her name instead of the bride's! Hilarity ensues.

Marriage didn't last. He ended up with the ex in the end after a few years.
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Originally Posted by MrMusician18 View Post
I was at this wedding where the ex girlfriend flew over from New York and turned up at the ceremony. Just before hand she tells the groom that she loved him, but he rejects her and decides to go ahead anyway. Then in the middle of the vows, he says her name instead of the bride's! Hilarity ensues.

Marriage didn't last. He ended up with the ex in the end after a few years.
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...
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Years ago I was at an evening reception of a work colleague's wedding. Money was tight and both bride and groom had large families, so tried their best to include as many as possible.

They decided that it would be a "no children" day, as between both families there were about 18 under 14s.

One side of the family (think it was the groom) took great exception to this, and as the evening do got started, a parent walked in with all of the nieces and nephews from that side of the family. The kids proceeded to get under the feet of everyone (it was a small function room) and upset the married couple on what should have been their happy day.
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08-04-2021, 15:06   #35
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The only hassle I ever saw myself at a wedding was at that of an old college friend about 15 years ago where some uncle of his got plastered before the meal at the reception and started heckling the speeches. Situation was swiftly dealt with - he was politely asked to leave and “retired” to his room.

With all the crap, hassle, stress, expense etc of a “traditional” heterosexual wedding - and the distinct possibility someone will get far too drunk and/or a row will ensue between in-laws, I am so glad I am a gay man and my nuptials with my OH will be pretty simple and low key.

It’s great when there’s no expectations on the day of getting hitched so no pressure to do “the done thing.”

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Was at a wedding a few years ago where one of the guests came within 2-3 seconds of puking about 10 pints of Guinness all over the bride. An eagle eyed friend spotted said guest was about to barf his guts up while standing directly behind the sitting bride.

Thanks be to jaysis that didn't happen.
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08-04-2021, 15:16   #37
Mister Vain
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lol that backflip was outstanding.
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Originally Posted by Mister Vain View Post
lol that backflip was outstanding.
backflip: outstanding
bride: out cold
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08-04-2021, 15:19   #39
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Originally Posted by frozenfrozen View Post
backflip: outstanding
bride: out cold
wedding : over
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08-04-2021, 15:21   #41
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Originally Posted by frozenfrozen View Post
backflip: outstanding
bride: out cold
The best bit was when he picked her up to stand and then she dropped to the floor like a sack of spuds.
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08-04-2021, 15:25   #42
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Didn't ruin the wedding but was at a one where the the best man started the speech by listing all the great times he had with the groom, the big nights out and the casual pints etc, the times they had buzzing around together from school till now. Everyone waited for the punchline but it never came, the more he talked to more emotional he got. He never mentioned the bride or anyone else apart from the groom. Felt like a breakup
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Bride knocked back a bottle of vodka and wine before she even got to the ceremony.

Wedding delayed as she was fed coffee, was in no state to walk so the wedding took place on chairs.

It was an outstanding wedding.
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08-04-2021, 15:36   #45
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What sort of places did ye all grow up? it's like a mash up of Friends, Love/Hate and My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding.

The weddings i have been at were far more civilised affairs.
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