View Poll Results: Do you agree with minimum alcohol pricing?
I agree because we have drinking problems in Ireland. 376 21.45%
I disagree, the "drinking problems" are myths from the government. 1,377 78.55%
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29-11-2016, 16:33   #46
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Am i the only one that doesn't see where it says minimum pricing is 'nigh'?

I see some detail on the bill itself, and health professionals calling on politicians to support it, but no real evidence that the government are 'set to bring in minimum pricing'.
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29-11-2016, 16:34   #47
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Originally Posted by GLaDOS View Post
It's rather naive of you to think this won't push up the price of all other drink
I don't really mind if it does.
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29-11-2016, 16:46   #48
Pat Mustard
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Originally Posted by ScumLord View Post
Young people will probably always be binge drinkers. They have literally nothing better to be doing. They live comfortable lives and are suckling at the teet of civilized western democracy.
The government wants to curb binge drinking but it doesn't have a plan to divert young people into other activities.

No talk about investing in sport or anything like that.

So basically, the plan is to stop students drinking cheap booze at home and to drink more expensive booze at home instead.

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29-11-2016, 16:57   #49
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Why cant we just put up them curtains to stop us/you seen the alcohol, sure work .
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29-11-2016, 16:58   #50
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Well it certainly wont effect me as I of it nearly 8 years :-) Wonder will the price of green tea go up ??
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29-11-2016, 17:01   #51
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Originally Posted by TallGlass View Post
Just thinking about it there also. Would it not have made more sense to restrict the alcohol content of products? IE, bring cans down to 2/3% max and spirits down to 21% max.
That could maybe kill the craft beer market. I'd rather see them reduce tax on locally made craft beers so that they're competitive with mainstream beers.

I just don't see that price is a problem. Other countries have cheaper drink and they're not drinking as much as us. So it's not the price, it's something else that makes us the biggest binge drinkers.

I do think that Pubs should go back to the original concept of a public house. It's not about drinking, it's about having a meeting place, the trouble for anything these days is if you can't find a way to monetise it, it will fail.

Originally Posted by Pat Mustard View Post
So basically, the plan is to stop students drinking cheap booze at home and to drink more expensive booze at home instead.

It only encourages a black market. How can they not see that every time this has been done in the pat, anywhere in the world it's always lead to more dangerous behaviour?
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29-11-2016, 17:16   #52
Richard Hillman
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It will just push teenagers towards drugs.
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29-11-2016, 17:19   #53
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Originally Posted by MeatTwoVeg View Post
Alcohol is far too cheap in this country, particularly in the off-trade.
Compared to 20 years ago prices have fallen dramatically in real terms.

It's time something was done to address this considering the cost that cheap alcohol causes our society.

I'm all n favor of minimum pricing and I applaud its imminent introduction.

Personally, I can't really see it affecting me as I don't drink the type of cheap alcohol this will most likely target.
I live in Germany and can buy a six pack of beer and a bottle of booze for less than €15.
So the "chape booze" argument is just bollocks.
Its a handy instant argument for people who want to push a lazy agenda and haven't really thought this through, just to get exposure and votes. Same sh*te as "speed kills"

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29-11-2016, 17:52   #54
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Bottle of wine in France €1 Germany is dirt cheap also.

This is just another stealth tax.
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29-11-2016, 17:54   #55
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I spent €25 on 3 beers and two of them were 330ml. This won't affect me so I hope it's brought in and pushes more people towards nicer plonk.
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29-11-2016, 17:57   #56
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With motorways Northern Ireland is only a few hours away. A day trip to Wales is also nice. Stupid government. Anyone that believes this is a health initiative is in dreamland. Pure tax raising exercise.
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29-11-2016, 18:09   #57
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It's just legislation designed to stifle competition that hurts vested interest industries with political influence.

If it was genuinely about addressing binge drinking, it would be addressing the places where alcohol wreaks the most havoc: pubs and the surrounds.

It doesn't even raise extra revenue that could go towards health or education.

I myself drink mostly (for want of a better word) craft stuff so it won't hit my pocket that much.

That said, it will be interesting to see if Irish retailers, grubbers that they are, won't be tempted to raise the price of 'premium' stuff if 'cheap' starts nudging it in price. If this thread is a yardstick, it would appear many consumers are moronic enough to see paying extortionate prices as a merit badge of taste to distinguish themselves from The Plebs so would probably swallow concurrent price hikes at that product level too.

I can definitely see a monthly shopping trip to Belfast on the cards.
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29-11-2016, 18:18   #58
Dr Crayfish
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This is a funny one. I completely disagree with it however. I have a decent salary and plenty of expendable income, thank God, but I actually like cheap beer like Tennents and Prazsky and the Lidl and Aldi 79c cans for some reason. Just flavourless cold lager, yummy.
Even if craft beer (which I am not too keen on) was the same price, I'd probably still buy the pissy stuff.

Anyway, why do we even bother discussing these things? We will feign outrage on threads and in the workplace and (ironically) down the boozer drinking overpriced pints, but we'll just let the Government go ahead and charge feckin' 4 euros a can if they want.

If they brought this in, I would be up for not purchasing one drop of alcohol in this country until they reversed the laws. I'd say if even 25% of us stopped buying booze in any form for a while, those shower of c*nts on Kildare St would soon reverse their law to satisfy their various lobbies.
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29-11-2016, 18:21   #59
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Originally Posted by RasTa View Post
I spent €25 on 3 beers and two of them were 330ml. This won't affect me so I hope it's brought in and pushes more people towards nicer plonk.
I assume you're joking. I love crafts and spend a lot of money on same, but you sound like a satirical archetype.

It's a poor law and shouldn't be thought of as not being so because of a snobbish attitude towards people's drinks of choice.
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29-11-2016, 18:31   #60
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I remember when this was discussed before people were saying that the Government might have a problem getting this passed because the EU Commission wasn't in favour of it.
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