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Thick cut chips, covered in cheese, layered with curry sauce and finally topped with garlic mayonnaise.

Portion of southern friend chicken goujons

Pint of milk

Traditional cuisine of Strokestown I’m led to believe
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Aongus Von Bismarck
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If I cannot be bothered cooking (which is very rare) - sushi.

If I've been out with friends or colleagues for a few glasses of beer or wine - a Döner kebab from Ajdin, the guy who runs the local kebab hut close to my apartment. It's not good for me in the long-term, but it's damn tasty as I'm eating it.
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Chipper - A good burger is hard bet, with proper chips
Chinese - Chicken Satay or Thai green or red curry.
Indian, this is where takeaway food shines, meat samosas, onion bhagi, lamb bhuna, pilau rice, garlic naan

Shyte food - supermacs

Pizza, nowhere bar good Italian restraints does good pizza, its usually stodgy shyte.
Da Robertas in Salthill Galway does the best pizza in Ireland.
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14-01-2021, 06:15   #154
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Originally Posted by Potential-Monke View Post
I've been thinking about this while reading the last 10 pages, and I can't honestly say I have a favourite. I'm more about variety, so I rarely go to the same place multiple times in a row. I do have favourites from different places though:

Chipper: Donkey Fords: 2 chips, 5 battered sausages (they're normal sized proper sausages), and a battered burger. Destroyed in salt and vinegar. Shout out to Enzos for a close second on chippers in Limerick.

Chinese: If I don't pick up a spice box on the way home, I'd prefer to go to Wokking and get a General Tso's chicken. It's a hickory based one, and very rare to find elsewhere (it has a few different names though, so maybe others have it, but I've rarely seen it). Usually with a 50/50 fried rice/plain friend noodles.

Italian: Tagliatelle Polpette from Bella Italia. Amazeballs. Meatballs in a spicy tomato and cream sauce. A side of half a loaf worth of garlic bread and cheese too.

Thai: Only place I've really liked was a Thai Green Chicken Curry from Kambo in Waterford. No veg = more chicken. Yurt. Fried rice.

Shytefood: I love Mahon Shopping centre for the simple reason I could get the chips from McD's, the chicken from KFC and the burgers from BK. Now that's a proper shytefood meal. Popcorn chicken and boneless fillets from KFC. Has anyone tried the BK Texas King 3.0? It's fecking hooooooooj! Or a nice combo of the Katsu Curry fries and CBG fries from Abra. Yum.

Pizza: Used to be a Dominos person, but when my company discount was discontinued, there's no way I was paying the proper rip-off prices. The local chipper out here in the country does a fine pizza. It's hard to feck up a pizza though, but some manage. Loads of cheese and meat please!

And it needs to be said. People need to get on board the garlic curry train. Garlic mayo and curry sauce over chicken and chips... Or just a garlic curry chip and cheese from a proper chipper. Heartattack in a bag, but very filling and amazing.
Not crazy about Italian normally but Bella Italia is fabulous.
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Originally Posted by COVID View Post
Tesco Real Dairy Spray Cream (250G), is best when there's no fresh cream available.

Billy Bear roll rather than ham.

Shaved raw turnip (use a high-performance electric wood plane, available at Screwfix for €30.45) and a dash of 'Saxa' white pepper to add a slightly exotic piquancy to this authentic Italian snack.

Arrivederci Lamborghini!
Is billy roll ok or does it have to be billy bear?
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Captain Havoc
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Originally Posted by Porklife View Post
I love doing that but can't seem to find a good vindaloo anywhere in Dublin. I've tried so many places. Where would you recommend if you're Dublin based?
Kilkenny, sorry. If you're down here, I think Shimla is the nicest. We've a lovely asian restaurant called Aroi in the centre of the city that's both cheap and delicious. My wife and I often get food from there.
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Originally Posted by fonecrusher1 View Post
Is billy roll ok or does it have to be billy bear?
It's an excellent question and one that's asked quite frequently from Quadrilatero d'Oro in Milano to Spaccanapoli in Napoli.
There's no clear answer, but the general consensus, amongst the top chefs and leading restaurateurs the world over, is that Billy Roll without the 'Bear' is, how might one say it, slightly 'plebian'.
Though some major Spanish speaking cities, I'm thinking here of Buenos Aires and Bogota, take an almost perverse delight in opting for Billy Roll sin Bear so to speak, though generally Billy Bear Roll is regarded as high-end, or a cut above, if you will.
While we're here, it's interesting to note that Carbonara enthusiasts in South-East Asia prefer 'Haslet' as the meaty addition to their egg-free, cream-filled Carbonara.
In the last analysis, as long as it's made with lashings of fresh cream, you really can't go wrong.....

Viva la Fiat Punto Grande!
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Originally Posted by Aongus Von Bismarck View Post
If I cannot be bothered cooking (which is very rare) - sushi.

If I've been out with friends or colleagues for a few glasses of beer or wine - a Döner kebab from Ajdin, the guy who runs the local kebab hut close to my apartment. It's not good for me in the long-term, but it's damn tasty as I'm eating it.
What have you done with the real Aongus?
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By and large I'm not into takeaways.

I don't have a deep fat fryer so on the rare occasion I desire chips I'd rather buy them than make them myself. I have made them in a saucepan but it's too much trouble.

Incidentally I've never 'ordered' a takeaway in my life. It just feels so lazy.
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