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14-03-2019, 17:02   #1
Crock Rock
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Did Operation Barbarossa lead to Hitler ultimately losing?

If Hitler didn't invade Russia in Operation Barbarossa, could he have kept Stalin somewhat on his good side and thus not have been defeated? (or at least not as quickly as he was defeated).
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Invading Russia was essential to his plans and ideology though.. and who knows exactly what a delay of a few years would have resulted in but 41 was probably the most opportune year to invade
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14-03-2019, 20:57   #3
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Stalin's Soviet Union was an expansionist empire, it and Germany were bound to clash.

Also it seems Stalin already had forces ready to attack Germany...they were waiting for the right moment when/if Germany got bogged down in the west.

All Stalin's armies on the western borders were mobile and not dug in..which supports the theory they were for attack not defence, also they had maps of the German autobahn network.

Hitler caught them on the back foot with his surprise onslaught.

Barbarossa likely would have succeeded if it had not been delayed when Hitler had to go to the aid of his idiot Italian allies who had launched a senseless attack on Greece and were getting a good ass kicking from the Greeks.
Japan too could probably have saved the day if they had at some stage attacked the USSR from the east, even on a relatively small scale.

Germany's two big allies were worse than useless, only the small allies in eastern Europe and Finland gave military support of any real value to the German effort.
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