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John Henry -- seanachaí and monolingual Irish speaker from Mayo. Part of 'In Search of the Trojan War', a BBC documentary from 1985.
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Photo reel from 1950's

Irish Countryside in the 1950's (youtube video)

Killarney Scenery 1950 (youtube video)
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A fun youtube clip linking to a good site, minimumwagehistorian, .
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pre war Warsaw (1938)
Warsaw that never will be back
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Apologises if this is a re-post I didn't look through the whole thread so I'm not sure. I was blown away by this photo, no one seems to be as mesmerised as I am! It's of a 1850's (it says circa1855) labourer (name and place unknown). It is such a haunting photo more so because this lad was one of the guys at the bottom of which photos were rarely taken. Although it's clearly posed for it's still brilliant. To think this guy went through the famine. He can't be more than 30 I'd say and this was only a few years after the famine ended. The first photo I came across wasn't very clear but I managed to find a much better one. It's a verified photo (even came up in one of my history lectures!). A man from Clare had a bunch of old photos that he had collected and this was one of them. Enjoy!
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File Type: jpg Irish+laborer+circa+1855.jpg (45.1 KB, 711 views)
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Originally Posted by Precious flower View Post
To think this guy went through the famine.
Haunting! Extraordinary!

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The photos on this page, from the Civil War of 1922, are extraordinarily modern and touching. You feel you might have known these men.
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This is a five part BBC NI documentary "The Story of Ireland". It was quite interesting to watch it.
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Original Second World War images superimposed on modern street scenes.
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Seems to be the whole report including maps, models and pictures from the area.
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13-03-2013, 14:19   #176
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Sorry but can't embed it. In Flags or Flitters, I've been watching bits of this on and off for a while, and its brilliant
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Digitaly colored photos

Mostly ww2 ships but some of planes and other era things. Done in a postcard sort of style. Some are strikingly beautiful.

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An RTE radio interview with my late grandfather regarding his personal account of Dublin during the War of Independence and Civil War in the 1920's.

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1913 The Year Before

Not a video or a photo, but audio. Hopefully it fits here, mods please move if it doesn't.

Micheal Portillo presents a series of ten 15 minute programmes on BBC Radio 4, giving a flavour of the year before the great war as it unfolded in the UK, including much on happenings in Ireland.

Originally Posted by BBC
Looking at a series of themes, the suffrage movement, the Irish question, the decline of the liberal party and the arts, he argues that to a large extent Britain was already in a state of flux by 1913 and many of the developments we think of as emanating from or being catalysed by the war, were actually in full flow.
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Originally Posted by vangoz View Post
An RTE radio interview with my late grandfather regarding his personal account of Dublin during the War of Independence and Civil War in the 1920's.
Fascinating. Like an on-the-spot report. Do you know if any of the other programmes in Colm Keane's series are online?
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