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18-10-2018, 15:53   #16
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Originally Posted by Effects View Post
It's all the guberments fault.
And the racists. Don't forget the racists. She deserves some compo.
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18-10-2018, 15:53   #17
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Have you people no heart?

Didn't you read she had a hard upbringing or something like that. It's not her fault yada yada...
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18-10-2018, 15:54   #18
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The gubberment didn't give her enough money

As a result of them robbin her, she was forced to put clothes on the kids backs

Poor creature

Can't be her fault
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18-10-2018, 15:55   #19
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Is this the same woman who publicly spoke out against the gubberment robbin her?
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18-10-2018, 15:55   #20
Advanced Gh0st
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Originally Posted by LeinsterDub View Post
300 worth of clothes from penny's? Did she try walk out with a trolley full to the brim?
She took the bricks, mortar and all I'd say.
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18-10-2018, 15:55   #21
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Originally Posted by Reati View Post
Have you people no heart?

Didn't you read she had a hard upbringing or something like that. It's not her fault yada yada...

I'm sure she feels she was entitled to them.
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18-10-2018, 15:56   #22
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All €300 worth of clothes were displayed as evidence in court:
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Originally Posted by Advanced Gh0st View Post
She took the bricks, mortar and all I'd say.

She actually hijacked two lorries !!
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18-10-2018, 15:56   #24
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Originally Posted by AllForIt View Post
Is this the same woman who publicly spoke out against the gubberment robbin her?
'Spoke' is a very strong word in this case, garbled mumblings would be closer to the mark.

Originally Posted by Neyite View Post
I'm sure she feels she was entitled to them.
Sure isn't robbin and thievin' part of their culture.
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18-10-2018, 15:58   #25
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Originally Posted by LeinsterDub View Post
300 worth of clothes from penny's? Did she try walk out with a trolley full to the brim?
You do when you have seven kids to clothe cause the guberment aren't doing their jobs right!
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18-10-2018, 15:59   #26
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Did she use a Dump Truck.
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18-10-2018, 15:59   #27
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The travellers have their own language, they dont speak, they spake and Mags spakes very loud.
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18-10-2018, 15:59   #28
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She's expecting a new walk in wardrobe now to put all the clothes in.
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18-10-2018, 16:02   #29
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Originally Posted by orourkeda1977 View Post
what do you expect from a pig only a grunt
the mother-in-law does say "breed from a wild duck and what do you expect"
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18-10-2018, 16:03   #30
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Probably suffers from kleptomania brought on by the stress of the government not providing her with two stables and a field for her livestock.
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