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06-12-2018, 01:57   #571
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Ancestry just updated its DNA results again. They added more regions, with a total of 92 for Ireland. My ethnicity remained the same as the last update--89% Ireland-Scotland, 11% England-Wales-NW Europe--but I now have four regions I didn't have before, all in Munster. On the other hand, my numerous ancestors from Westmeath & Meath and Co Antrim are not mentioned. Two versions ago, I was 13% Iberian--I have a gt grandfather from Asturias in northern Spain--but that vanished with the last version and this one. Confusing.

Anyway, thanks to the good folks of Munster for taking the Ancestry DNA test and narrowing my results. Did anyone else get this update?
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06-12-2018, 10:49   #572
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I did too, and I am very impressed.
It's identified West Clare, North Munster and in Leinster "Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford".

I have ancestors from Clare, Limerick, Wicklow and Carlow that are known.
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06-12-2018, 11:08   #573
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I've changed from 84% Ireland, Gr. Britain 1%, W. Europe 15% to 100% Ireland/Scotland/Wales!!
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06-12-2018, 15:10   #574
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Mine has changed also. I now have four communities North Connacht, West Roscommon & East Mayo, West Roscommon, East Mayo & North Galway and South Sligo & North Roscommon.
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09-12-2018, 01:28   #575
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So... my dad’s dna results adjusted & apparently my g-g-grandmother (1848-1905) was born in the US. (Eastern/south) I have very little information on her. No surname and no history that I can find.

I’d love to know what brought her to Ireland before meeting & marrying my g-g-grandfather.

It also introduced trace of Native American. This wasn’t present I. His previous results & im guessing it came through her.

Again, no ideas but intriguing none the less.

It’s a welcome introduction as the family of the time didn’t move around far from the area they were reared.

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09-12-2018, 08:59   #576
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No major change in my results, just a little refinement. I was 99% Ireland & Scotland (Munster), 1% England & Wales. The update makes me 99% Ireland & Scotland (adding North Munster, East Cork & Waterford, North Tipp.) and 1% England & Wales. The community boundaries are rather 'fuzzy' so no surprises there.
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09-12-2018, 13:30   #577
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I'm 100% Ireland/Scotland. What's interesting is I do think their 'genetic community' calculator can't handle people who are 'mixed' (in sense their grandparents come from geographic distant parts of one geographic group).

So for example my father is also 100% Ireland/Scotland and has 'Ulster' specifically
  • Tyrone, Derry and Antrim
  • South Derry and East Antrim

His father was from Belfast, however his mother was from East Galway (his grandfather as well, but his grandmother was from half Cork/half Killkenny)

In turn my mother who is from North Clare got a spot on result:

She gets 4 Munster Genetic Communities in her result.

In comparison I end up with 'Munster' and three Munster Genetic communities:

Basically their calculator appears to only be able to see distinct sub-clusters of a region (eg. North Clare etc.) when you have a number of great-grandparents from that region. When you have ancestors bit more distant added in they basically don't show up.

Now I should point out that of my 8 great-grandparents the following holds true:
  • 4 from Clare
  • 1 from East Galway
  • 1 half Kilkenny and half Cork
  • 1 from Belfast
  • 1 who was Liverpool Irish (but of Ulster origin)

It's quite possible as a result that in the 50% I got from my dad that the autosomal contribution from my grandmother (Galway/Cork/Kilkenny) was higher (eg. greater then 50%) then what I got from my grandfather. In which case I'm not surprised that 'Munster' would win out as a result.

(For the record I was born and raised in Galway)

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