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28-06-2003, 19:22   #1
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"A Lawsuit Could Be Coming To A Computer Near You"

this is interesting. the RIAA are ready to bring music pirates to court
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28-06-2003, 21:50   #2
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So you get a lawsuit filed against you.
On finding this out, you nip down to the shop, buy the cd you downloaded the song from.
Go to court, throw it in front of the judge and say bite me.
How does the RIAA know wether you own the media legitamatley. Most songs I've downloaded I own the original cd of, I'm just to lazy to rip it.
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01-07-2003, 23:43   #3
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ack! not good news for people like me though, whose entire entire music collections are made of downloaded and traded mp3s (i only have about 50 cds to my name)...

Not good, not good
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01-07-2003, 23:48   #4
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(contains strong language & violence btw...)
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01-07-2003, 23:55   #5
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I wouldn't worry about that......
It's perfectly legal to download the mp3 and keep it on your PC for 24 hours if you don't own the original.. if a lawsuit is filed against you, just delete them! Or else just go out and buy the CD.. I can't see this working at all..
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02-07-2003, 10:26   #6
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oh dear god, that 24 hours crap again, I thought that old urban myth had long since vanished down the drain with warez. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. if somethings illegal its illegal, theres no time limit involved.. oh its ok im just downloading these kiddy pictures but I'll delete them after a few hours... such crap.. I mean if such a rule/law did even apply how could it ever be enforced? its one simple command to change a timestamp on a file.

Anyway as far as that report goes, it seems to dictate that they are pursuing those that download illegal files.. however there is no way to check who is actually downloading... just whos sharing, which while they may claim is "making their music available for copying" is comparable to leaving your cds on a desk in work.. anyone who wants can come along and take it
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10-07-2003, 14:32   #7
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Originally posted by tman

(contains strong language & violence btw...)

I totally wouldn't worry about the RIAA kicking your front door in in the middle of the night by the way!
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10-07-2003, 15:30   #8
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Originally posted by ColinM

I totally wouldn't worry about the RIAA kicking your front door in in the middle of the night by the way!
No, more likely they will get in touch with your ISP, which could result in you losing your account!
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