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26-07-2015, 23:54   #1
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Whiskey with water

Looking for thoughts on mixing whiskey and water. Whats the norm in relation to portions is it half and half or more whiskey than water. Whats the usually when ordering at the bar
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28-07-2015, 08:38   #2
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TBH it depends on the drinkers preference,

I usually drink Jameson with ice, but sometimes I'll add a drop of water if given Paddy or Powers as I'm not as fond of them.

Mixing half whiskey and half water would be a bit too much for me, but each to their own. If you want to mix your whiskey with Blue WKD and stick an umbrella and a straw in it then I say go for it.
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03-02-2016, 15:26   #3
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I was actually listening in as some serious whiskey heads discussed this, just the other night.

Aha! Here's what a guy said:

" A drop of water in a whisky releases a lot of the flavour compounds, just needs to be a rain drop. With cask strength you need more as the alcohol temporarily damages the taste buds. "

That guy was schooled by a professional Whiskey Taster. He can bore me to fukcing death, droning on about the flavours in things.

I just like Jameson. No water.
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17-04-2016, 23:21   #4
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Originally Posted by Stigura View Post
That guy was schooled by a professional Whiskey Taster.
Professional whiskey tasters may dilute to a certain % and certain temp as it makes distinguishing them easier. But this by no way means its what they would prefer to drink it like at home so be careful of what they are actually recommending, and what you are actually asking.

It would be like me saying I can tell coke or pepsi apart far easier if I dilute them 2 parts water to 1 part coke/pepsi and warm to 25C and let them go flat. Sure I might tell them apart easier but they will both be horrible compared to freezing cold regular ones.
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17-04-2016, 23:27   #5
A wholly unreasonable man
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Talking to a professional taster one night many years ago, I think (as best I can) he said they do it 2 parts whiskey to one part water. It never occured to me that it might just be an analytical method rather than the way it is meant to be.

I probably mix mine in about that ratio but I don't take particular care, maybe slightly closer to 3 to 1.
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16-07-2016, 07:55   #6
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Having recently conducted 3 whiskey distillery tours, yes I can confirm it is recommended to add water to help release the flavours and aromas in whiskey. In saying that, only a drop of water in your glass is enough to do that. To get the full spectrum of experience, smell and sniff before and after adding a drop.

Last edited by dauhee; 16-07-2016 at 07:56. Reason: to clarify
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23-08-2016, 15:46   #7
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I was in a pub recently with my father and we both ordered whiskies. My father drinks his about 50:50 water and whiskey. Two auld fellas at the bar, one muttered "water in whiskey. Shur thats blasphemy". They didnt know my father is a former Jameson distiller and designed part of the distillery in Middleton.

The best way to enjoy whiskey is the way you like it the best. I'd generally put about 2 parts whiskey 1 part water, but it varies depending on which whiskey it is as well. Some bourbons I'd add more.

I also did three distillery tours recently and you were encouraged to add water to them in all three places.

The tasting committee in Glenfiddich put water in their whiskey.
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23-08-2016, 15:52   #8
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Best thing I noticed Whiskey with water, next morning least hang over... When ever I mix whiskey with fizzy drink it creates havoc next morning. When mixed with water or soda... not much of damage..
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06-02-2017, 15:36   #9
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Adding water is seen as the done thing. Any distillery tour will have you mix the product with the smallest drop of water. I think people are afraid of whiskey still for the most part, however it can be quite enjoyable mixed with the correct mixer. I personally love a drop of water in whiskey as it sort of opens the whiskey up more and i can really taste the quality of the spirit.
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10-02-2017, 23:25   #10
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Originally Posted by Leprechaun95 View Post
Looking for thoughts on mixing whiskey and water. Whats the norm in relation to portions is it half and half or more whiskey than water. Whats the usually when ordering at the bar
I expect that if you ask for water it will come in a separate jug anyway.

I'd taste it first, see what you think, then, if you want, add a drop, and taste again, and see what you think again.

I've always thought that ice muted the taste, but it really is however you like it.
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10-02-2017, 23:37   #11
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If I'm having a nice whiskey at home, I'll dilute to about 25-30% abv to open the flavours.

In a pub if having whiskey as a drink it'd be up to two parts water but more to give the drink longevity than any tasting reason - in a pub it will usually be a black bush, whereas at home its always a premium malt
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10-02-2017, 23:40   #12
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Can't drink whiskey with water it loses a bunch of the taste for me. Whatever about opening it up it closes it down for me.

I do however take 1 cube if ice in it . But dislike when the ice is fully melted.
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11-02-2017, 00:02   #13
A wholly unreasonable man
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Interesting as the ice cube should "in theory" close off some of the tastes, the cooler a drink is, the less you taste of it. Now fair enough, your own body temp should counter act this if letting it sit in your mouth.
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20-03-2017, 17:10   #14
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If I'm drinking a standard Jameson / Jack D etc I tend towards a cube of ice. I do find it mutes the taste a little, but to improvement in my opinion. On the other hand, if I'm having something a bit finer, like a Yellow Spot, Teeling Single Malt or something like a Nikka Coffey Malt, I tend towards a wee drop of water instead. Maybe about a teaspoon per measure or something.
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23-03-2017, 02:48   #15
Outlaw Pete
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