We're Currently waiting on passports back for our two toddlers, should be here next week. We want to book a weeks holiday but can only go on June 2nd (first family holiday)

Since we haven't the passports at the min..We've been monitoring packages the past week or so..but the prices have shot up for most of the resort's this morning by 500euro from the previous week. What's people's experiences booking last min...as in the booking 4-5 days before departure date (or less)? Should we just take the hit now and pay the extra....or do people find that usually prices reduce closer to the time?

We're just worried about availability etc if we do leave it too late...would love to hear peoples experiences

We're thinking about salou due to short flight from Belfast and shorts transfers...but would be open to anywhere really that doesn't have crazy travelling involved.

Thanks guys 😀