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Marilyn Monroe...

Was it the Kennedy's or Sinatra? Who did it??? Too many unanswered questions surrounding her death.
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Originally Posted by actuallylike View Post
Super whale fart...
Or the earths plates shifting
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Originally Posted by King of the Eyesores View Post
the Dyatlov incident imo was most likely a soviet weapons experiment in the wilderness and was not meant to kill the hikers or whatever they were
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Originally Posted by beans View Post
Things being discovered in places they shouldn't be, such as screws in stone, and spoons, pots and bells in lumps of coal. The notion that there existed civilisations on the earth many millions of years ago, traces of which have all but been wiped out, is fascinating.
Advanced ancient technology? Or time travel?
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What happened to the genius behind the diesel engine?
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21-08-2011, 19:21   #39
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Jack The Ripper was the first one to come into my head.
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21-08-2011, 19:27   #40
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oh! and mothman case at pointplesant in the US. Its very eerie
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21-08-2011, 19:28   #41
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Jimmy Hoffa
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D.B Cooper is pretty interesting:

The Boy in the Box:

The Dyatlov Pass Incident:

Jack the Ripper is up there too.
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21-08-2011, 19:32   #43
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Who did Mark Chapman really kill ?.
I drink with John Lennon on a regular basis. ...very good on the banjo he is too.
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How the universe began?

Why is sleep needed? They know some functions, but a lot of what actually happens is a mystery.
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Does Marty Morrisey pluck his eyebrows,or are they naturally thin?
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