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*** After Hours New Rules - Read before posting 01/08/17 ***

I know people don't ever tend to read these things and I understand that it's just a boring necessity but if you only take away one thing from this charter let it be this:

Don't be a dick.

If you can do that you're unlikely to encounter any problems here.

What is After Hours?
After hours is the place to come on boards where general discussion can be light-hearted. The aim here is to have a bit of a laugh and not to piss anybody off while doing so.

This forum has been variously described as a refuge for idiots, the dregs of, the best forum on boards and the only forum on boards. As such you may find After Hours quite different to any other forums. What's OK here may not fly elsewhere on boards.

Below are our guidelines for posting. We may add to this list or change the below rules from time to time as the need arises. Please also note that this is not an exhaustive list. Please practice common sense when posting. Just because something is not explicitly forbidden does not mean it is implicitly allowed.

Rules and Guidelines. Guidelines <----READ ME FIRST

Discrimination will not be tolerated in After Hours.

Do not post here to reach a larger audience.
Posting on After Hours to reach a larger audience is not allowed. If there is a more suitable forum for your thread, post it there.

Rules on drug discussion
The following are not permitted:
Asking / telling where to buy drugs.
Asking / telling how to take drugs.
Asking / telling how to grow drugs.
Asking / telling how to get a fake ID.
Advising other users to take drugs.

Note that these rules apply to both illegal drugs and the legal alternatives you can buy in head shops. The admins do not want to be held responsible for posts telling people where to get drugs of any kind. You can argue about the legality all you want as long as you abide by these rules.

If there is a more appropriate forum, post your thread there
There are a huge amount of forums on Often it can be difficult to locate the one you are looking for. If you need help please ask in newbies and FAQ.
If you post a thread in After Hours that is more suited to another forum it will either be locked or moved to the correct forum. If you are unsure if a topic is suitable for After Hours please send a private message to any of the moderators.

Please do not post any more political threads in After Hours
As most of you are aware, over the past couple of years Political threads have become more and more common in AH. We probably have 5 or 6 active threads in any given day. This isn't and was never the intended purpose of AH and the most obvious place for such discussion is the vibrant Politics Forum
Please do not post any more political threads in After Hours.

Grammar nazis not welcome
Not everybody is as perfect as you are. Some people have learning difficulties. Some people are dyslexic. Some people are stupid and finally some people just don't care about their spelling and grammar. It's not your job to police them.

Feel free to report any posts that may need moderator attention. (lazy use of txt spk for example).

Contribute something of your own to any threads you start
Not every news story needs a thread on After Hours. Don't just post up a link to a news article just because nobody else has. Add something to it. Your own point of view.
If you do start a thread, be prepared to contribute to it yourself, especially if you expect others to do so.

Information about bans and infractions
If you break any of the rules often enough or badly enough you are likely to be on the receiving end of a slap on the wrist from a mod. These tend to come in the form of a ban from the forum or an infraction.

We moderators will use our discretion when warning, banning or infracting posters.

A warning from a mod may be issued on the thread you are posting on. It may also be sent via private message or by infracting a poster. Heed these warnings as they are given for a reason. If you wish to query an on thread warning please do so via a private message to the moderator. If private messaging a moderator to query a warning please do not abuse the moderator. We have a hard enough job here as it is.

The infraction system works on a Red & Yellow card basis. If you receive a red card infraction it will be marked on your profile and will be always visible to yourself and all moderators. If you clock up many infractions you are likely to be site-banned or have your access very restricted.

If you receive a thread ban, don't fret. This is not recorded against your record on the site.

If your breach of the rules is acute enough you are likely to be banned for a set period of time. This means you will not be able to post in the forum you have been banned from.If you think a decision is out of line or incorrect please private message the moderator. This should be your first port of call for any complaints you have about us.
If you remain unsatisfied with the answer you can take it up with their category moderator.
These are listed further down this post.

If you remain unsatisfied after speaking to the category moderator you can use the feedback or dispute resolution forums.

Feedback is for general complaints or issues.
Dispute resolution is for more specific issues you might have with moderators.

Do not feed the trolls
A troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
Just as bad as trolling is "Feeding the Trolls". Please do not reply to comments that are blatantly from a troll. Do not to abuse them or call these posters trolls. It is up to the moderators to judge this, so simply report the posts or private message any moderator of after hours.

Current After Hours Moderators
New Home
Ten of Swords

Current Category Mods.
Pawwed Rig

Useful links
How to be a better poster
Newbies &

Dispute Resolution

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There have been some stickies removed from AH recently which are in an effort to free up space on the front page of After Hours.
But we don't want these to be forgotten.

First up is the SSF thread which has been a pretty successful drive from the folks at boards and in particular DeVore for running the show. Also massive kudos to Beasty for his drive for pledges.
Santa Strike Force

Next up is the legendary thread, basically an encyclopedia of noteworthy threads from boards across the years.
Legendary Boards Threads
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