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13-02-2020, 16:45   #16
Junkyard Tom
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Suggesting a black guy plays James Bond.
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13-02-2020, 16:47   #17
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13-02-2020, 16:48   #18
Cody montana
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Originally Posted by Cody montana View Post
And Muslims.
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13-02-2020, 16:49   #19
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Black lads.
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13-02-2020, 16:50   #20
Tacitus Kilgore
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Potential falls in property prices
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13-02-2020, 16:51   #21
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Talk of gender wage gaps
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13-02-2020, 16:52   #22
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People who may have countering views to theirs.

People having had countering views to theirs and being proved right and right wingers wrong.

Them wanting to invest heavily in the Gardai and criminal justice system but when people enquire how that gets paid for and suggest more resources were used to help and train and educate people keeping them away from crime and the statistics that support this they have a freak attack...
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13-02-2020, 16:53   #23
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Abortion Rights
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13-02-2020, 16:53   #24
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13-02-2020, 16:55   #25
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People being supposedly "outraged" by something, even if the "outrage" is nothing compared to their whinging about it afterwards.

Subtitled films winning oscars.
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13-02-2020, 16:58   #26
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13-02-2020, 16:59   #27
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Saying ANYTHING negative about Trump.
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13-02-2020, 16:59   #28
Duffy the Vampire Slayer
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People disrespecting the US national anthem, as long as they're black.
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13-02-2020, 16:59   #29
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Not worshipping Jordan Peterson.
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13-02-2020, 17:00   #30
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Sex positive sex education
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