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17-12-2019, 17:37   #61
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Reminds me of when my brother in law says to his fashion victim son, so what are the sheep wearing today.

I kinda do understand consumerism I'm lucky that having fancy stuff never interested in.

I nearly scumbered to consumerism last week looking at a Huawei phone but then though na I'm not bothered.
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17-12-2019, 17:38   #62
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Grown ups who like Anime, My Little Pony, Furries, Pokemon, Digimon and Harry Potter
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17-12-2019, 17:40   #63
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I don’t get why when Rugby lads go for a night out it usually involves some massively homosexual/homoerotic or whatever it’s called act, usually under the guise of ‘drunken banter’.
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17-12-2019, 17:41   #64
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People who snort cocaine and think they are cool or fun. You are walking around with a substance that more than likely entered the country in some poor unfortunates anal passage.
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17-12-2019, 17:45   #65
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the phrase 'job done'.
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17-12-2019, 17:46   #66
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17-12-2019, 17:47   #67
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Originally Posted by Rubberchikken View Post
the phrase 'job done'.
"Job's a guddin" is how you say it correctly
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17-12-2019, 17:49   #68
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Originally Posted by beejee View Post
Only slightly related, but last Christmas a young relative showed me a picture that someone they knew had posted on instagram or whatever.

The girl had laid out all their Christmas presents on a bed, all expensive items that most people would be over the moon about.

Then the caption underneath "this is all I fooking got, shyt christmas".

It wasn't ironic either, apparently. There's "spoilt" and then there's the next level. Made me want to go on a murder spree.

I won't forget it, absolutely disgraceful.
Is that the kids fault or her parents though?
Genuine question
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17-12-2019, 17:52   #69
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Originally Posted by Tacitus Kilgore View Post
OOkay, You have nothing against her and don't dislike her but she is a vile PR shill and everyone else is thick.

Man, you have literally justified the things that I don't get post you quoted in reply..

Why is it so annoying to you though - can't you just ignore her like the rest of us that don't care?

Sorry, I'm sure this stuff has been done to death by now anyway, I will continue in bewilderment, as I'm sure the triggered aul lads will continue in spitting out bile.
I think you've been triggered yourself! Really don't get the fondness for the term "triggered" and other silly labels.
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17-12-2019, 17:53   #70
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Yeah I don't get the bile towards Greta either. It's a bandwagon though - a Gemma O'Doherty type will say to hate her, and their flock will follow. Same with hating George Soros - like they all even know who he is.

Now I don't get the bandwagon of worshipping Greta either, and it does seem like she is being puppeted, but the abuse?! Particularly that from middle aged folk with daughters...
Originally Posted by Andrew00 View Post
Why so thousands of priests raped young boys? Did they all turn gay when they entered the priesthood or something? Can't understand it
If they all turned gay, they'd be having sex with grown men.

They were paedophiles with a preference for boys. Not gay.
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17-12-2019, 17:54   #71
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all this going to the garage in the morning for cups of coffee/tea on the way to work, [monkey see monkey do]
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17-12-2019, 17:55   #72
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Originally Posted by decky1 View Post
all this going to the garage in the morning for cups of coffee/tea, [monkey see monkey do]
That's just lazy feckers like moi not bothering to get up in time to have brekkie!
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17-12-2019, 17:59   #73
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TKMaxx I've been in it several times to me it either goods that other shops don't sell or goods that may have a fault.
I've seen clothes there that were in other shops and then their sales and they clearly didn't sell and the price was nothing special.
The odd time I saw something okay their there was a fault with it such as a zip or stitching.
I'm generally told you need time and patience and I've given it both of them and I still don't see the fuss.
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17-12-2019, 18:00   #74
Tell me how
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Whether in woods or parkland, or at a beach or on a street or even in a restaurant Consciously making an unreasonable mess where you know other people will have to either tolerate it, ignore it or clean it up for you should be an act punishable with an on the spot fine or public shaming in my opinion.
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17-12-2019, 18:03   #75
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Ready Salted.

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