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20-08-2019, 14:16   #31
the beer revolu
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Originally Posted by Berties_Horse View Post
Upstanding members of society who contribute their fair share of tax, and never demand anything for nothing.
I've met travellers who work, pay tax and don't (as far as I'm aware) engage in criminal behaviour. Am I so dumb as to thing that these examples are representative of all travellers? No, I'm not.

I've been the victim of crime at the hands of settled folk far more times than I've been a victim of crime at the hands of travellers. Am I dumb enough to assume that all settled folk are criminals? No, I'm not.

See what I'm getting at?
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20-08-2019, 14:48   #32
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Originally Posted by Franz Von Peppercorn II View Post
Also I don’t think that opinion is all that unpopular, it’s fairly popular online.
Good to know! Hopefully the sentiment spreads
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20-08-2019, 14:49   #33
Bobby Baccala
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Is there not already at least one of these threads?
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20-08-2019, 14:53   #34
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Originally Posted by Franz Von Peppercorn II View Post
I know and I wasn’t replying to you. You mentioned signs but Srameen mentioned official documents.

Also I don’t think that opinion is all that unpopular, it’s fairly popular online.
And all I was doing was correcting the statement that it only refers to road signage. Plus keeping in line with the whole premise of the thread.
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20-08-2019, 14:54   #35
Church on Tuesday
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That metoo is largely a cod, an excuse for witch-hunting and settling old scores and has essentially damaged interactions between the sexes.
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20-08-2019, 15:01   #36
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Hurling isn't that great a game.
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20-08-2019, 15:21   #37
Irish Guitarist
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I think Quorn or Linda McCartney should make a vegan substitute for long pig.
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20-08-2019, 15:29   #38
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Originally Posted by mr_fegelien View Post
what unpopular opinions do you hold on boards and in real life?
I believe full state benefits should only be paid to those who have worked a minimum of 5 years in the state.

Even with that all state benefits (unemployment, pension, child benefit) should be paid in vouchers that can only be redeemed against certain items (not bouncy castles, booze, fags, fake tan etc)

People in receipt of free housing should live where the state gives them the free house and not have a choice in that. Any damage they do to the house is taken from their welfare. Once they get a job they start to pay rent to the state at the average rent in the locality.

Voting should be limited to active citizens who have either paid tax or taken part in voluntary work for at least 5 years.

People should pay for water and sewage.

Property tax should be based on the services in your locality and not the value of your home.

There is nothing wrong with a two tier health service. Anyone who pays the tax that funds the health service should have priority access on waiting lists or for private rooms etc.

There should be a three strike and you are out rule in the criminal justice sector. On your third or subsequent conviction you lose all rights to bail, reduced sentences, early release etc. You serve the maximum sentence set down in law and not a day less.

Life means life.
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20-08-2019, 15:32   #39
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Most Irish craft beers are over-hopped rubbish.
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20-08-2019, 15:40   #40
Gregor Samsa
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Originally Posted by Experience_day View Post
My opinion is that you & other hand wringers should be forced to live next to them.
I live in a nice quiet estate in a small town in the West of Ireland. We have a mobile home in a caravan park by the coast. A few summers ago, while we were in the mobile, my wife got texts from two different neighbours "warning" us that travellers had moved into a house just across from us. I think they expected us to pack up and come back home to defend it from the impending invasion.

I urged my wife to respond pointing out the irony and absurdity of expecting us to be concerned about a family of travellers renting a 4 bedroom detached house while we were shacked up in what amounts to a halting site for recreation. She decided not to.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be very disappointed to find out the family of travellers were perfectly fine. They lived there for 2 years, and kept to themselves. The dad walked the baby in the pram in the evenings, the kids played out on the green, the mum went about her business. No horses, no caravans, no noise, no crime, no slash hook fights. A family going about their business like any other.

The same caravan park has a family of travellers that come for a week every year. They pay the nightly fee like any other camper. The first year we where there, some of the other people who own permanent mobiles there came to warn us that the travellers had arrived. Again, the irony of being scared of a people who live in caravans while they themselves summered in them seemed lost on them. The traveller kids played with our kids for the week. Yeah, they were a little bit different. A bit rough around the edges, not so good with boundaries - then again I've come across plenty of settled kids like that too. They were good kids. The parents again kept to themselves. No problems at all. I remember one of the little boys (about 5) asking my kids if they were travellers too - because we "lived" in a mobile.

So there you go. My experience of living beside travellers. Nothing bad to report.

Last edited by Gregor Samsa; 20-08-2019 at 15:56.
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20-08-2019, 15:40   #41
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Originally Posted by Lewis Tall Coral View Post
I believe that there should be a limit on the number of threads somebody can create when they don't then generally participate in said threads.
Any anything with more than 5 likes in this thread should be deleted because it's not actually unpopular.
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20-08-2019, 15:45   #42
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A man should not be forced to take on financial or other responsibility for supporting a baby he doesn't want, for example an unplanned pregnancy, one night stand with no protection etc.

To clarify, I am pro-choice, but a prospective mother has the right to abort a foetus without recourse to the potential father, so I think it's only fair that the man should have a choice too.
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20-08-2019, 15:46   #43
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Originally Posted by Cienciano View Post
Any anything with more than 5 likes in this thread should be deleted because it's not actually unpopular.
Yeah my opinion (popular or not, I don't know) is that this thread will be full of opinions that are to the right politically but are not actually unpopular.
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20-08-2019, 15:49   #44
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That 90% of our live is determined by where we are born (geography), what family we are born into, and or genetic makeup.

I don't think many criminals had much choice in their actions, but I'd still want them locked up.
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20-08-2019, 15:50   #45
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I believe I can touch the sky.
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