Welllllllllllll, now ...

I may as well be the one to break the bad news, especially as Shiminay Cricket, in his day job, will probably have to put up with a fair bit of heat from other corners of the site over it.

The proliferation of mega-threads (now about 91!) on the site is one of the major reasons why we have been experiencing periodic time-outs / glitches / 404s / etc.

I'm not the most techy, so I'll let someone else explain it:

Mega Threads:
Every 10th post on a thread, VBulletin implements a recount on the number of posts on it to make sure it's correct which has implications for the number of pages and so on. On mega threads, this is absolutely crippling us. I realise this is something that we looked at not too long ago and we decided that 100,000 was a reasonable limit, but the problem has increased drastically as a lot of threads have crossed into a troublesome post count. Conor tells me that 10,000 will be safe. Quite a jump I know, but when you consider that we're looking ahead at potentially having hundreds of threads of this length (between public and private forums, there are already 91) in our database so we need to try and fix it once and be done with it rather than fire fighting it every couple of years. It's worth noting, this isn't really up for debate I'm afraid. It has to get sorted.
Now, I know this is a bit of a pain, but none of us want a glitchy site which hangs up every five minutes.

Sooooooo ... bottom line is, we have to move the party!

And that's exactly what it is ... you know the way sometimes when you're at a party, a lot of people arrive, the room you're in gets crowded and hot and stuffy, and you move to another room which is fresh and cool.

Well ... we're moving the party to another room of the Lair, and we're probably gonna have to move rooms a bit more regularly. And we may as well get it done quickly and surgically.

The party, however, will continue!!!

So if everybody will pick up their glasses, remember to bring their phones ... and will someone please bring Spúnóg ... oh, and his bloody pants, if anyone can find them ...

Party continues * here * ...

V.4 The Christmas parties probably need a bigger room ....

V.5 now downloading ...

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