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16-07-2019, 22:56   #151
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Does anyone have an idiot's guide to changing a revolut card to UK? Pulling my hair out on this.....
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17-07-2019, 00:09   #152
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how do i know if im on uk please
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17-07-2019, 00:33   #153
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Originally Posted by torrevieja View Post
how do i know if im on uk please
go back to my last post (3 or 4 back) and you will see what I concluded
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17-07-2019, 00:47   #154
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Originally Posted by Soarer View Post
Do you lose anything of note if you switch from Ireland to UK?
Your viewing history
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17-07-2019, 00:59   #155
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Signed up for the Prime for £59 deal. Is there anyway to use Prime Music? Trying to sign up with Amazon Music app with Revolut card but not accepting Parcel Motel address, probably cos my registered address with card is in Republic.

Anyway around it? Or is there any difference between Ireland and UK Amazon Music account?

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17-07-2019, 06:58   #156
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I signed up for Prime and want to add my daughter on a family account so she can share prime video. I sent her the link but because she signed up with it says we're in different countries and won't add her. Is there away around this, could she just log into the site or will she need to speak to them and have her region changed?
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17-07-2019, 07:33   #157
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Originally Posted by Etnies View Post
Thogught everyone was still using their student accounts.. 39 a year
I am.

For those trying to change region, change your default address for devices to UK. This is different to your registered and delivery addresses.

You still need to ask CS to change your video region.

Going by the quality of English above, it seems that the Indian call center staff are a lot more likely to just change you over, where the English staff are questioning it.
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30-07-2019, 18:20   #158
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anyone having difficulty using amazon music. I hadn't used it before and thought i may as well avail. When I downloaded the app it recognises I have a UK plan (changed for video) but the app is looking for a payment method (which won't be charged) for address verification. Is there a way around this?
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30-07-2019, 19:26   #159
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I tried to change my address on revolute to parcel motel address (for Amazon Prime) and revolute want an explanation as to why I changed my address. What should I say?
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30-07-2019, 19:41   #160
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As this offer is Expired, closing this thread.

Use other forums like Online buying for other Amazon questions.
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