This forum allows users to post anonymously.

The guest post feature can be used by regular users who wish to remain anonymous or by casual users who wish to comment without registering an account. Please note, guest posts are pre-moderated. This means they will not appear on the thread immediately and will require one of the forum moderators to approved it before it becomes visible to other users. There is no set timeframe for a moderator to review a guest post though we will try to do this as quickly as possible.

Guest posters are expected to follow the forum charter ie. the guest post feature may not be used to circumvent the rules. The site admins can, as a last resort, use the IP address to track you if there is a serious abuse or concern about a guest post.

If a guest post is deemed to be inappropriate for any reason the moderators have absolute discretion to delete it. Mods may also edit guest posts.

The below list is not exhaustive but any of these will guarantee a guest message will not be approved.

1) Inappropriate or overly sexual content in the message
2) Choosing an inappropriate or offensive guest username
3) Any identifiable information (email address, mobile phone number)
4) Listing specific dates and times where you will be. This will be deemed a personal and is against charter
5) Posting in a thread that is extremely old
6) Any post that is deemed threatening, homophobic, transphobic, abusive or harassing to forum users