I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up here.

It's a mobile device based MOBA, made by the guys who made League of Legends.

I don't play MOBA's but I got hooked on this one after trying it out.

It's strange because now my friends who do play DOTA and LOL, but they've not played this, and I've not played theirs. I'm starting to understand terms like peeling, feeding, jungling, Ganking, etc,.

It'd be nice to have some competent dependable players playing this.

The game is decent, but to be honest, when you don't have a solid pool of players to choose from (and you're entering solo queues to play with strangers) every 3rd or 4th game is decent, but the other two or three are ruined by a 9 year old feeder who doesn't speak the same language as you, someone afk, or someone with the tactical clout of a hen repeatedly trying to peck at a painted on stack of seeds.