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25-02-2019, 19:37   #46
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Originally Posted by NIMAN View Post
What would be the most offensive word in the English language now?

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25-02-2019, 19:44   #47
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Originally Posted by Cina View Post

There are very few contexts where it's not an offensive word.
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25-02-2019, 19:45   #48
mad muffin
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White male
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25-02-2019, 19:51   #49
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I remember last year a lot of people were horrified with the word sl*t during the Belfast rape trial and how people could use that word to describe a woman.
I remember being at college and a lot of the women used it either as a put down or in a joking matter.
There was a lot of out rage about it.
A few weeks later the same word was written on a fridge in blood in Fair City before the water shed.
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25-02-2019, 19:52   #50
Hercule Poirot
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Agatha Christie wrote a novel in which a poem called "Ten Little Niggers" featured prominently. The title upon release in the UK was also "Ten Little Niggers". It was even set in a place called ****** Island. In the US it was released under the title "And Then There Were None" (which is what it is released as internationally today) and references to the word ****** were removed and replaced. The poem was called "Ten Little Indians" or "Ten Little Soldiers" depending on the year of publication.

Now what I've written to there uses the word ****** multiple times. Is it racist? No, no it's not. I think it's perfectly to OK to use the word ****** when describing historical facts. Because were the words that were used, no more, no less

And no one ever quotes Muhammed Ali as saying "No Vietnamese man ever killed an N-word"

Edit: the boards filter blocks the N-word in singular but not in plural, they might want to look at that....
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25-02-2019, 20:06   #51
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this word wears me down.
and im offended.

oh..offended too
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25-02-2019, 20:07   #52
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I'm surprised it's not 'male' or 'man' these days...
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25-02-2019, 20:08   #53
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25-02-2019, 20:24   #54
Kylo Ren
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If you want to know which of two words is more offensive, and you won't even type one of them - that's the one.
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25-02-2019, 20:53   #55
Irish Guitarist
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I wish people would just say the fucking word instead of this 'n word' bollocks. There's a difference in shouting abuse at someone and saying a word.

Philip Schofield had a go at Katie Price on This Morning a couple of years ago when she said someone had called her son a nigger. Then a load of fucking morons on Twitter started talking shite about her 'white privilege'. They were more incensed about her saying the word nigger than the fact that someone had called her son a nigger.
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25-02-2019, 21:06   #56
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Originally Posted by Hercule Poirot View Post

Edit: the boards filter blocks the N-word in singular but not in plural, they might want to look at that....
Interesting edit - am I correct to assume that you'd prefer that both were unblocked?
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25-02-2019, 21:08   #57
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Miriam O'Callaghan
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25-02-2019, 21:25   #58
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I agree with a previous poster "retard" is the most offensive word I can think of.
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25-02-2019, 21:27   #59
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Gammon apparently...
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25-02-2019, 21:30   #60
Mam of 4
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Originally Posted by BBFAN View Post
I agree with a previous poster "retard" is the most offensive word I can think of.
Retard and Spastic , I hate anyone using either of those words to describe someone , makes my blood boil tbh .
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