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SCAMS Forum Required

I noticed that Is this a scam? type posts, appear in many different and diverse forums (Property to Tech to Dating to Bargains to Banking etc.).

A centralised repository-type-forum with links to the original forum posts and new scam-warning posts would be very useful.

We are all at increasing risk of becoming victims to the numerous new and existing scams out there and a single go-to forum would serve us all well.
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15-12-2019, 09:45   #2
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I like this idea. Could be a sub forum linked to purchases, bargains, property, etc.

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+1 would also help establish patterns too if they are all in the one place.
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I am a bit concerned about such a forum, and indeed threads across the site that may be trying to identify "scams".

I have little doubt that the vast majority of such reports are genuine, but it only takes one post in error, or a malicious poster, to potentially ruin a business. I'm not sure the site insurers would be happy with that.
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